Free Dance Workouts

5 Free Dance Workouts to Supercharge Your Morning

These free dance workouts are so silly but they put me in the best mood! If you do one of these I promise it will give you a little boost and make your day better. They are a great way to kick start your day when you need a little exercise and positive energy. I love these because they don’t take themselves too seriously like a lot of fitness videos on YouTube. These are fun little workout to do in the morning and they put you in a great mood! Go subscribe to Fitness Marshall on YouTube. He has a ton more free dance videos.

Sia Cheap Thrills
This is one of my favorites just because I love this song.

Meghan Trainor Me Too

Start your day with some Rhianna! I love when he says “serve the table get your money”.

Lady GaGa Telephone

Britney Spears Circus

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