6 Ways to Use Affirmations Like a Boss

6 Ways to Use Affirmations Like a Boss

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All day long my internal dialogue swings between positive and negative depending on what is happening and how I’m feeling. When I’m struggling with depression my thoughts turn ultra negative and I get really down on myself. When I feel this way I use affirmations during this time helps me practice thinking positive thoughts throughout the day. Being aware of my thoughts and inner dialogue is hard and it takes a lot of self discipline but practicing it makes a huge difference in how I feel. When I’m not depressed I use affirmations helps me maintain my mental health.

Find The Right One

To use affirmations to effect how you feel you need to find ones that really resonate with you. I compiled some of my favorites into a big ass list of affirmations you can download. Find something that really speaks to you and makes you feel a big “hell yes” when you read it. You want to pick something that resonates as true. Saying “I love my body and I think I am a stunning beauty” over and over in your head is not going to do any good if you don’t believe it is true. Try something that feels more truthful like “I am learning to accept myself more everyday”. There’s a great article here about using positive affirmations. We can’t control a lot of things in our life but we can control how we feel. Affirmations can help us stay focused on our desired feelings.


Write Them Down

Now that you have your affirmations you need to use them. Try picking an affirmation for the day and writing it five times in the morning and five times at night. Keep a notebook by your bed so you can write them when you wake up and before you go to sleep. I used to write mine on the bus on the way to work. Anywhere you want to carve out time of your day will work. Try to be consistent and do it everyday.

Say Them Out Loud

This one makes me feel super awkward but I don’t let that stop me, I say affirmations when I am driving in my car. When I am feeling down and not wanting to go to work in the morning saying affirmations in the car on my commute helps get me in a better frame of mind. It’s a good way to give myself a pep talk to get ready to tackle the day.

Set Reminders on Your Phone

I like to set reminders on my phone throughout the day. When my alarm goes off I repeat my affirmation of the day three times in my head. If I don’t set my alarm, I forget the affirmation I wanted to focus on that day. The tasks I have to do everyday are so repetitive if I’m not paying attention I switch over to autopilot. It’s easy to just go through the day and forget to check in with how you are feeling.When I am in this state I am numb and unaware. Setting the alarm on my phone reminds me to be mindful.

Change Your Passwords

Make your password to your computer or your email one of your affirmations. That way every time you sign on you will type it out. This is an easy way to remind yourself of one of your affirmations. I use a different one for my password at work, one for my email and one for my personal computer. This practice helps remind me of my affirmations throughout the day.


Set your background on your computer or your phone as one of your affirmations. You can download some of my favorites here. Make a collage to hang above your desk so you see it throughout the day or create a Pinterest board of to look at throughout the day. You can see mine here for some inspiration. You want to make your affirmation visual and put it somewhere you will see it.

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