Have you set goals for the new quarter yet?? If not it’s not too late!

I just spent an hour playing music and dreaming up all my goals last night.

Goal setting really and truly helped me change my whole life. For so many years I was unhappy with my life but didn’t do anything to change it. Finally, I reached my breaking point and after crying for the better part of a 6-hour flight I realized I had to take action. It didn’t happen overnight but little by little I created a life that I actually love and I don’t cry when I come back from vacation anymore.

Setting goals helped me create habits like meditating and working out that make my mind and body feel better. It helped me grow multiple businesses so I can work for myself doing things I am passionate about.

Over the years I’ve tried every goal-setting program and planner on the market. I thought I would share my process for setting goals to incase you want to try it out! I don’t really think it matters what system you use as long as it’s helping you continually take action. The magic is really in the action not the planning.

Here’s a few goal setting tips to try out:

Set goals that feel exciting. No one wants to work on boring-ass goals.

Get clear on WHY you want to achieve the goal. How will it feel when you achieve it? What will be different?

Celebrate any progress you make (even if you don’t make it all the way to your goal)

Reevaluate and readjust as needed

What is one simple thing you could do that would be a game-changer?

If you don’t have a goal-setting process and want to try mine out check out the video below to learn about my goal-setting process. You can grab your free quarterly goal setting spreadsheet by clicking here.

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