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If you’re struggling with mental health or life just doesn’t feel vibrant and kick ass I created this website for you. Actually, I created it for us. I know how shitty depression and anxiety can feel. In fact, not even that long ago I was unable to get out of bed and googling things like “how to make depression hurt less”. I was searching for a blog or community that dealt with mental health but nothing I found resonated with me. The authors talked about how they were “cured” from depression but I’ve been through enough ups and downs in my 30 years of life to know depression is a treadmill situation for me. The fight is ongoing, there is no finish line. The writers that weren’t cured were talking about depression from a clinical perspective. They weren’t in the trenches of mental health where I felt like I’ve spent half of my life. I wanted to find something that talked about how to live like the empowered  getting shit done women I looked up too. I wanted a good kick in the ass. I wanted someone to not just talk about overcoming depression but to tell me how to tear it the hell down. Basically, that’s the story of how this blog was born.
I’m no expert in mental health and I don’t have a framed certification behind my desk but I’ve spent the majority of my life learning how to feel feelings that make life worth living. Joy instead of despair, rejuvenation instead of defeat and radiance instead of despondency. I’m a self help junkie and I’ve read a good chunk of the vast and endless options of self help books. I’ve meditated, taken up running, given up running, journaled, traveled, got a therapist, gone vegan and spent months riding my bike and living in a tent. I’ve taken up every self help trend that hit the market and I have the Konmari books to prove it. Some of it worked and some of it didn’t but I’ve been on a journey and I think it’s time to reflect and talk about these experiences now. I hope that it helps someone and I sincerely hope that someone is you. If you’re struggling to find joy and be who you really are you’re not alone. I am here too.

I would love to hear about what you would like to see on this blog. You can reach me at [email protected]


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