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Guided Visualization

Hello, I'm back from the business retreat/theme park trip I attended in Orlando. It was so amazing and I got to connect with my friends and business partners which is always amazing. However, now that I'm home I've really been struggling and I feel completely exhausted.  This season of ... READ the POST

Walking Through Tough Seasons of Life

  Hello, I just sat down at the coffee shop to write this but I feel like I have to be honest with you. I'm having a tough time today. My life is pretty great overall and I am thankful but I still have bad days. I've been going through some hard things personally that I haven't ... READ the POST

Upleveling and Mental Health

    Hello, I hope you had a great weekend! If I'm being honest with you guys I feel pretty crappy so I used it as an opportunity to do some micro leveling. Microuplevels are small things you can do to start stepping into the next level version of yourself. Think about what ... READ the POST

Mindset Shifts to Cope with a Breakup

  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you there are times in life when things don’t go our way. We don’t get the job we want. Our boyfriend breaks up with us over a text message. We don’t get invited to a party. We don’t get the promotion. We don’t get the grade. I don’t think I ... READ the POST

Must Try Mindset Trick form Brene Brown

Hello friends, I've been listening to so many audiobooks lately.  I thought it would be fun to start sharing takeaways and highlights from all of the books I'm reading. Let me know if you like these posts and what books you think I should listen to next! I just started listening ... READ the POST

Your Mental Health Questions Answered

  Want to watch this Mental Health Q&A later? Save it to your favorite Pinterest board!   ... READ the POST

All your mental health questions answered. Watch this video for help with mindset, depression, positivity, healthy coping and anxiety.