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  When I'm struggling I use affirmations to help me get through the day. I write them on notes and put them all over my house and I set them as my cellphone and desktop background. Here are some affirmation backgrounds you can download if you're struggling. I hope they help you keep going if ... READ the POST

How To Survive Depression When You Hate Your Life

I really want to stress that if you're having a full-blown mental health crisis you need to get professional help. I've been there and my biggest regret is that I didn't get help sooner. I spent years of my life managing my mental health on my own and it consumed my life. After I got the help ... READ the POST


These are my go to YouTube pep talks for when everything sucks and I want to do nothing forever. When I wake up in a bad mood I like to watch one of these while I do my makeup. I hope these free online pep talks cheer you up or give you a good kick in the ass if you need it. The cutest pep talk of ... READ the POST

How To Read the News and Not Get Depressed

Staying informed is definitely important but it can take a toll on your mental health.  It can be difficult to read the news and not get depressed. Check out this article about the effects of negative news. That famous saying “if it bleeds it leads” is true and most of the headlines ... READ the POST

How to Have a Valentine’s Day That Doesn’t Suck When You’re Single and Broke AF

    I would encourage you to redesign your holidays.  Why?  So they fit your beliefs and are enjoyable to YOU! You can make holidays about whatever you want, make your own traditions, and ways to celebrate them.  This is our guide to having a great ... READ the POST

Bad Ass Single Lady Online Dating Safety Tips

Having a healthy relationship can be a really fulfilling part of life and online dating is just one way to try and find the right person for you. I love meeting new people so online dating is a lot of fun for me, I’ve met friends, flings, and long-term partners.  While I think online dating can ... READ the POST