I’ve been getting a lot of questions about morning routines lately so I thought I would sit down and let you know my thoughts.

I’m so obsessed with self-help and I feel like morning routines are a big trend in the personal development world. I’ve tried all kinds of fancy morning routines that are supposed to 10x your productivity and change your entire life before noon.

*Spoiler alert it didn’t work*

For a long time, I couldn’t stick to a morning routine. I tried and tried but inevitably I would give up and go back to hitting snooze a dozen times on my alarm clock. However, now I have an easy morning routine that I love and feel is really essential to my mental health and overall wellbeing.

So what changed?

Well, a couple of things. First, I stopped building my morning routine around tasks other people said I should do and started focusing on how I want to FEEL. I kept reading about the routines of successful people and every morning I would wake up and check all the items off of my morning routine. It really didn’t make that big of a difference in my life and often times I found myself dreading getting up to do it.

I essentially was just giving myself more annoying things to do in the morning.

Instead of focusing on getting a bunch of tasks done I started focusing on how I wanted to feel.

What practices could you do every morning to call in joy? Positivity? To celebrate your life? Forget the tasks and just focus on cultivating positive emotions and feelings.

The second things I did was to make my easy morning routine WAY shorter. If you don’t currently have a morning routine I challenge you to make a morning routine you can do in less than five minutes.

For example:

  • Say an affirmation
  • Think of five things you’re thankful for
  • Energetically send love to everyone you care about

You might think something that simple couldn’t make a difference but it gives you practice and before you know it you’ve built a new habit. You can use that foundation to build up to a bigger morning routine if you want but the important thing is to make a routine you can stick with and that raises your emotional state and makes you feel good.

I also made a video you can watch below about creating a morning routine that actually works you can watch if you’re interested.

If you make a five minute morning routine be sure to share it in the Facebook Group. You never know who you will inspire <3

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easy morning routine

easy morning routine

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