Tell me if you can relate to this.

I’ve been working on my own mindset diligently and I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve meditated, journaled and gotten myself into a great mood for the day.

I think I have my good mood on lock and then I get a phone call from a family member complaining about how unhappy they are or I get into the office and my co-workers are complaining in the breakroom.

Before I know it other peoples attitudes had completely killed my vibe.

It was a total bummer and so frustrating.

Why couldn’t everyone else get their shit together?

Why were so many people always bringing me down?

Eventually, I realized I had to get myself out of victim mode and take responsibility for letting other peoples words and actions affect me.

Only feeling good when other people were acting or behaving in a certain way gave all of my power away and left me feeling out of control.

It took a lot of practice but the more I worked on staying positive even when everyone was being negative around me the easier it became.

Whenever I start to feel other peoples negativity impact me I remind myself to “be the light” and I use it as an opportunity to focus on my own thoughts and feelings more intensely.

Instead of letting myself fall into the victim role and wonder why everyone is bringing me down I look at negative people as an opportunity to make my own mindset and mood even stronger.

Have a beautiful evening,



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