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In my late twenties, I found myself with no money, no job and living in my parent’s guest room.

It was a humbling experience and it wasn’t really where I thought my life would take me but there I was.

In just a few years, I was able to build my own online business and start living life on my terms.

I now have complete freedom over my schedule and I’m able to work from anywhere in the world.

Here are some of my tips to stop playing small and start living a great life.

Dream Big

Going after the life you really want can be terrifying and overwhelming.

That’s why so few people actually go after their biggest dreams and desires.

If you want to live your very best life you’re going to have to take some risks and put yourself out there.

You’re probably going to have to fail, struggle and go through all the shitty things that big dream chasers go through.

Before I started my blog and online business I was terrified of what people would think.

I like that fear stand in my way for years before I got the courage to launch my blog and start building the business I really wanted.

Now I love my job and my blog so much and it’s all because I got tired of not living my best life. I have a whole course about using an alter ego to help you chase big damn dreams you can check out here.

Don’t Take No For an Answer

Like I said, you’re probably going to have a variety of failures and setbacks.

This is just how it goes when you’re trying to live your best life and chasing big damn dreams.

Decide that you’re not going to take no for an answer.

If you want to live your very best life you have to be hellbent on your vision.

Think of setbacks as just a chapter of your success story.

The more struggles and hardships you overcome on your way to living your best life the more satisfying your success story will be to tell later on when you’re living your dream life.

Believe Your Future Is Bright

It takes a ton of energy to chase down your dreams.

Believing in your own good fortunes and even the possibilities of all-out freaking miracles can help you keep your energy high and keep going.

There are going to be times when you want to quit.

This is just what happens when you’re doing something hard and trying to build an extraordinary life for yourself.

If you believe your future is bright it’s going to be easier to keep going.

The truth is you don’t know how close you are to “making it” at any given moment.

A post could go viral, your business could take off or you could meet your soulmate tonight.

Your whole life can change in an instant and you never know when it will happen.

Use that to propel yourself through the hard times and start living the great life you want.

Drop The Bullshit From Your Past

Your past really doesn’t matter. You could have failed at every single thing you’ve ever done up until this point but that doesn’t mean you can’t life a great life.

Sometimes our past brings up fear for us and keeps us playing small. If you’re really ready to live your best damn life leave your past behind.

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts like “I won’t ever be able to do it” or “I’m just going to fail anyway”choose a positive thought instead.

Letting yourself continually think negative thoughts is just going to make your journey more difficult.

I’m naturally a pretty negative person and I have a whole podcast episode about how I transformed my mindset you can listen to here.

Stay super focused on your goals and what you need to do to start living the life that you want and don’t let any negative thoughts distract you.

Don’t Listen To Naysayers

People love to tell you that you can’t live a great life and go after big dreams because it makes them feel better about playing small in their own life.

If someone is being negative to you remember that it says more about them then it does about you.

When I was starting a blog people loved to tell me that I would never make any money online and that bloggers only made money in the 90s.

Well, guess what? All of those people were dead wrong.

Looking back now I realize that none of the people that told me my business wouldn’t work hadn’t even ever tried to build a business of their own.

Now I’m very selective about the opinions and advice I take to heart.

Unless someone is living the life that you want to live I would be hesitant to listen to their opinions.

If you have a lot of negative people around you surround yourself with positive messages to try and counteract that.

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks (I use Scribd to get affordable audio and ebooks) that will boost you up and help you keep going.

Keep Your Head Down

The best thing I ever to live a great life was deciding to just focus on myself.

I spent a year intensely focusing on my dreams and what I wanted in life and virtually ignoring everything else.

Instead of worrying what other people would think about me or if I would be successful I let myself obsess over how I could help people and make my blog better.

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to other people you’re just going to make your journey more difficult.

When I was first starting I constantly compared myself to other bloggers. It really took a lot of energy from me and didn’t do anything to help my blog grow.

I eventually unfollowed everyone on social media that I compared myself to and made a decision to stay hyper-focused on my own journey.

Keep your head down and just do whatever it is you need to do to get to your dream life.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

Just stay in your lane and eventually you will start to see your hard work pay off.

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