Mental Health Resources

Being on a mental health journey can be freaking exhausting. I recommend putting together your own list of resources that you have available to you and look it over when you’re feeling stressed. I hope this list of mental health resources gives you some ideas of things to try or services to look into that can help improve your mental health and get you feeling better fast.

Check out this article to help you create a mental health crisis plan.

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Lots of great resources about living with mental illness including how to get reasonable accommodations at work and how to deal with money issues.

Time To Change

Time to Change is an organization that focuses on ending mental health discrimination.

Blurt It Out

This site has tons of resources and information about living with depression.

National Alliance on Mental Illness 

The National Alliance of Mental Illness has branches all over the country. You can find your local branch on their website and they can help you access resources in your area.



NAMI Support Line

Call this helpline to get information about mental health. They can help you find resources. 800-950-NAMI


This is the service I use to get online counseling. I am able to talk to a certified counselor via skype, email or phone call for a low monthly fee.

Free Online Mental Health Support Group

This is my online community of badass women who are supporting each other on their mental health journey.

Therapist Finder

Use this therapist finder from Psychology Today to find a therapist near you.

Crisis Lines

National Suicide Prevention Helpline 

Call 800-273-TALK to speak to a trained counselor 24 hours a day

NAMI Crisis Text Line

NAMI to 741-741 to text with a trained NAME counselor

National Domestic Violence Helpline 

Call 800-799-SAFE to speak to an expert domestic violence advocate. They can help connect you with resources if you are in an abusive relationship or having issues after leaving one.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Call 800-656-HOPE to get connected with resources for dealing with sexual assault. They can connect you with a range of free services and programs.


The Best Free Mental Health Resources

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