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Personal Responsbility




I hope your day is going good. When I was on my morning dog walk earlier I was thinking a lot about our personal power. Throughout my life there are so many ways I’ve given my power away without even realizing it.

I believe that women are inherently sacred, strong and magical AF beings.

We have thousands of years of overcoming pumping through our veins. A women’s intuition is strong in ways we fail to recognize. Just try and sneak anything past my Mom and you’ll see what I mean. She just knows things.

Despite all that we have going for us I still find myself and so many women giving away our personal power.

I will be happy when I achieve ________

I’d feel better if my family would ____________

The thing is these kinds of statements give away your power. You’re emotions come from within you. When I realized this and started working on taking my power back I finally felt free. I felt like I was finally able to get a grip after being completely out of control for so long.

Your emotions come from your very own heart and soul. Not from your boyfriend being on good behavior or finally getting the promotion at work. So often we try to attribute our good mood onto external circumstances but that’s giving away your power. Your emotions and feelings come from within you.

You’re not a passenger you’re the captain.

This is your life. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You don’t have to wait for things to be different. You can feel better in this very moment.

Close your eyes

Take a deep breath

Think about a silly hilarious moment where you laughed out loud. Like really and truly laughed. Put yourself in that moment. Call in those feelings.

If you’re not in the laughing mood think of one of the most cherished moments in your life. The birth of a baby. A special day in your life. Something really beautiful that happened in your life. Really step into it. Make it as vibrant and real as possible.

Call positive feelings into your body.

Take your power back.

Joy. Gratitude. Peace. Happiness.

It’s all inside you.

It’s all available to you.

Have a great evening,



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