I try to use Sunday to process the last week, set new goals and prepare for the week ahead.

Using Sunday to take care of myself sets me up to slay the week ahead. If you’re managing any kind of mental health issues it’s really important to spend extra time taking care of yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it makes you feel recharged and ready for the week ahead. 

Here are some of the things I like to do on my self care sundays.


I like to put in an extra sweaty workout on Sunday. If the weather is nice I’ll run outside but I usually like to put in some time at the gym.

I like putting in a hard workout on Sunday because it makes me feel like I’m ending the week strong and it helps me wake up in a better mood on Monday.

Grocery Shop

This is probably the most important thing to me.

If I skip grocery shopping and meal prep I usually end up eating out and eating junk food.

If I have my healthy meals ready to go it makes sticking to a healthy diet way easier. I like to do all my grocery shopping for the week and make something I can take for lunches for the week.

I usually pick out a salad to make and a soup to go with it.

Watch TV

During the week I only ever watch mindless TV at the gym (I love to zone out to rom coms while I do cardio).

On Sunday I like to curl up in bed or on the couch with a warm beverage and my dog. I usually watch a couple episodes of something mindless.

Right now I’m watching Haters Back Off. I’m a big fan of upbeat shows where nothing bad really happens. It’s nice to turn my brain off and chill for an hour or two.


I like to write out my highs and lows from the week. It helps me figure out what I’m doing good and what I could be doing better. I like to write down a to-do list for the upcoming week and plan out goals.

Checkout my Mental Health Journal prompts if you’re interested in journaling.

Go for a Walk

I always try to spend part of every Sunday outside.

If I don’t have a lot of time I’ll walk my dog around the neighborhood. If I have more time and I’m in the mood for more adventure I’ll go on a long bike ride.

If I’m feeling lazy I’ll lay out in my hammock in the yard and read a book.

Brunch with Friends

I love going to brunch with my friends, it’s my favorite Sunday activity.

We always get really good food and my friend are hilarious so we spend the whole meal laughing. I don’t get to do this every Sunday but I try to go about once a month. Bonus points if you can brunch outside.

Clean House

I like to have all my clothes washed and put away on Sunday so I’m all set for the week ahead. I also like to wash my bed sheets and blankets.

I let my dog sleep in my bed and it gets gross real quick. I feel way better Monday morning if I have everything in order for the week ahead.

 I try and make sure all the dishes are done, the floors are vacuumed and the house is straightened up.

I am obsessed with multitasking so I love listening to audible while I clean and do dishes. Use this link to signup for a free 30 day trial and get two free audio books.


Sunday night is the perfect time to give yourself a good pamper.

I like to do a face mask and paint my nails. Sometimes I’ll also put on self tanner or take a bubble bath.

Spending some time pampering yourself Sunday night lets you get up on Monday morning feeling fresh AF.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own self care Sunday routine.

Sundays always feel a little bit slowed down to me so It’s the perfect time to spend some extra time taking care of yourself. Make a list of things that make you feel happy and relaxed and start doing some of them on Sundays.

If you’re looking for self care ideas check out my Pinterest board.

Want to remember these ideas for slaying your Mondays? Pin this to your favorite board for later! 



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