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The Ultimate Guide to Daily Affirmations

  The Ultimate Guide to Daily Affirmations We get to choose our thoughts and our beliefs. What new belief would you like to have that would make your life feel good? What belief would make you feel empowered and enable you to show up in this world as your most authentic self? I've been ... READ the POST

Mental Health Back To School Survival Guide

Going back to school can be stressful but it can be even more difficult if you're managing depression and anxiety. I managed clinical depression while finishing high school and while getting my undergrad and Masters degree. I struggled to manage my mental health but I was able to do it and I learned ... READ the POST

Mental Health Resources

  Mental Health Resources Being on a mental health journey can be freaking exhausting. I recommend putting together your own list of resources that you have available to you and look it over when you're feeling stressed. I hope this list of mental health resources gives you some ideas of ... READ the POST

6 Must Try Meditations and Visualizations for Anxiety

I've always read about all the great benefits of meditating but it's always been really hard for me. If I'm anxious the last thing I want to do is freaking meditate. I've found that guided meditation really helps me calm down when I'm anxious and I'm able to start feeling better faster. I ... READ the POST

Self-Care for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can make living your everyday life a struggle. Recently, I've been traveling a lot and it has made managing my anxiety even more difficult. Check out my self care for anxiety relief if you need some ideas to help manage your anxiety. Go for a walk Sometimes just going for a walk ... READ the POST

Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety If you're suffering from anxiety then you know that overcoming it isn't easy. I suffered from anxiety for years and I felt like panic attacks controlled my whole life. I would avoid any and all situations that might make me have a panic attack but after years of avoiding ... READ the POST