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The Ultimate Guide to Daily Affirmations

  The Ultimate Guide to Daily Affirmations We get to choose our thoughts and our beliefs. What new belief would you like to have that would make your life feel good? What belief would make you feel empowered and enable you to show up in this world as your most authentic self? I've been ... READ the POST

Mental Health Back To School Survival Guide

Going back to school can be stressful but it can be even more difficult if you're managing depression and anxiety. I managed clinical depression while finishing high school and while getting my undergrad and Masters degree. I struggled to manage my mental health but I was able to do it and I learned ... READ the POST

How To Get Excited For The Future

  How To Get Excited For The Future I've spent so many years of my life struggling with depression that being uninterested feels like my default state. Lately, I've been really working on getting excited for the future. Feeling excited and optimistic kind of shakes me out of my default ... READ the POST

Need a pep talk to get excited for the future? Here it is!

Mental Health Resources

  Mental Health Resources Being on a mental health journey can be freaking exhausting. I recommend putting together your own list of resources that you have available to you and look it over when you're feeling stressed. I hope this list of mental health resources gives you some ideas of ... READ the POST

How To Start a Fitness Journey When You’re Depressed and Out of Shape

  How To Start a Fitness Journey When You're Depressed and Out of Shape Exercise is a huge component of how I manage my mental health. I recently got out of the habit of exercising and had to restart my fitness routine. Here are some things I do when I need to start exercising again. I find that it ... READ the POST

4 Easy Workouts for When You’re Depressed

Exercising has completely changed my life. It is one of the most important parts of my routine. Without regular exercise, I quickly spiral into a dark hole of depression. I know how hard it can be to get the energy to exercise when you're depressed and feeling like trash. I have a Facebook group ... READ the POST