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How To Be Positive and Confident

  For many years I felt stuck in my life. I followed lots of girls online that had blogs and were sharing about their lives and helping other people and I always thought it looked so cool. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do it too. For years I followed them and ... READ the POST

Healthy Living Hacks

  Eating healthy and working out make a huge difference in my depression and anxiety. I've done every fad diet and exercise trend that ever hit the market but it never sticks. These are the easy and sustainable things I do to stay healthy even when I'm feeling lazy or unmotivated. If ... READ the POST

Must Have Self-Care Items For Your Dorm Room

Self-Care Items For Your Dorm Room Going away to college can be stressful. Taking some items with you for comfort can help you cope with stress and feel more at home in your dorm room. When you're shopping pick up a few items that will help you de-stress and bring you joy. Here are some ideas for ... READ the POST

Mental Health Back To School Survival Guide

Going back to school can be stressful but it can be even more difficult if you're managing depression and anxiety. I managed clinical depression while finishing high school and while getting my undergrad and Masters degree. I struggled to manage my mental health but I was able to do it and I learned ... READ the POST

Setting Daily Intentions for Mental Health

What Is a Daily Intention A daily intention is what you want to focus your energy on that particular day. Setting a daily intention can help you stay focused on what is really important to you. By picking a theme or area that you want to focus on each day you can give every day a purpose. I like to ... READ the POST

Self-Care Tips For Women Who Are Busy and Stressed!

Self-Care Tips Sometimes life can really get you feeling rundown. If you've been stressed or overworked for a long time the normal manicure and bubble bath just isn't going to cut it. These are self-care tips for when you feel like total garbage and you need to do some extreme self-care. This ... READ the POST