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TED Talks About Depression

TED Talks About Depression I went down the rabbit hole of TED talks again and I thought I would share these awesome TED talks about depression. These aren't all uplifting but sometimes you need to hear some realness. Positivity kind of feels like a big pile of garbage when you're ... READ the POST

Does Online Therapy Work? Honest BetterHelp Review

BetterHelp Review I've spent half of my life going to therapy but only started doing online therapy this year. When I get depressed it's really hard to talk to someone face to face. I loved the idea of being able to chat or text with a therapist so I decided to give online therapy a ... READ the POST

16 Things to Make Your Anxiety Suck Less

Anxiety has really been beating my ass lately. It has started to keep me up at night and the less I sleep the more anxious I feel and the more anxious I feel the less I sleep. I'm not someone that can function without sleep, I literally feel like I will crumble into a million pieces. Knowing all ... READ the POST