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Healthy Relationship Journal Prompts

Self-reflection about how we feel and what we want from our partners can help us grow deeper and more fulfilling relationships. Starting a journal practice can give you a safe place to sort through feelings and conflicts that come up in your relationship. My journal practice lets me vent when ... READ the POST

5 Must Watch Tony Robbins Talks About Healthy Relationships

  Tony Robbins is a huge inspiration in my life. I play his talks in the background when I'm working all day long. I love his direct and compassionate advice and he has helped me reframe a lot of my own problematic thinking. He has been a huge help on my mental health journey. I love listening ... READ the POST

How To Breakup With Your Boyfriend

Breakups can be really brutal but staying in a relationship that you have grown out of can be even worse. Be sure to check out my breakup survival guide for all of my tips about how to get through a breakup. I also have a whole podcast episode about breakups you can check out here. I hope these tips ... READ the POST

Must Read Quotes About Moving on and Letting Go

Must Read Quotes About Moving on and Letting Go Moving on and letting go are really hard things to do. Some of the most difficult times in my life were when I needed to move on from a situation or let go of a relationship. I'm very sentimental so walking away has never been easy for me even when I ... READ the POST