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How To Create The Life You Want To Live

  How To Create The Life You Want To Live There was a time when I was so depressed I couldn't even imagine a better future for myself. I felt trapped and like I would be depressed forever. Giving myself permission to daydream and to create a vision for the future has really helped my mental ... READ the POST

5 Must Watch Tony Robbins Talks About Healthy Relationships

  Tony Robbins is a huge inspiration in my life. I play his talks in the background when I'm working all day long. I love his direct and compassionate advice and he has helped me reframe a lot of my own problematic thinking. He has been a huge help on my mental health journey. I love listening ... READ the POST

5 TED Talks for your Mental Health

I really love all things self-help and I'm always looking for fresh ideas from people who "get it". Frankly, there's a lot of garbage in the self-help world and it takes a bit of time to wade through all the fads and fluff. These TED talks are the most kick-ass ones I've found so far and I ... READ the POST