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Useful Things To Do When You’re Bored

Things To Do When You're Bored Listen to an audiobook to make you feel like a badass Organize your fridge until it is immaculate Create a vision board of your dream life and hang it somewhere you will see it every day Write out your ultimate goals and figure out what you can do to start ... READ the POST

How To Create The Life You Want To Live

  How To Create The Life You Want To Live There was a time when I was so depressed I couldn't even imagine a better future for myself. I felt trapped and like I would be depressed forever. Giving myself permission to daydream and to create a vision for the future has really helped my mental ... READ the POST

Mental Health Back To School Survival Guide

Going back to school can be stressful but it can be even more difficult if you're managing depression and anxiety. I managed clinical depression while finishing high school and while getting my undergrad and Masters degree. I struggled to manage my mental health but I was able to do it and I learned ... READ the POST

How To Get Excited For The Future

  How To Get Excited For The Future I've spent so many years of my life struggling with depression that being uninterested feels like my default state. Lately, I've been really working on getting excited for the future. Feeling excited and optimistic kind of shakes me out of my default ... READ the POST

Need a pep talk to get excited for the future? Here it is!

Conquering Fear and Setting Big Goals

A year ago my life was COMPLETELY different than it is now. I was working a job that didn't incorporate my strengths or light me up. Every day I would clock in at my 9-5 and count down until Friday. These days my life looks a lot different. I spend my days working on projects I LOVE and make my own ... READ the POST

Nine TED Talks to Make You More Productive

You guys know that I listen to podcasts and TED talks all the time (you can find my favorite mental health ones here). I've been on a huge kick lately of trying to learn about productivity so I can get more done in my lifetime. These are my favorite TED talks to make you more productive, I hope you ... READ the POST