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End of Year Review and Resolutions For Your Mental Health

I get really ramped up this time of year, I love the feeling of closing out one chapter and starting a new one. Here are some things I’m doing to finish the year strong and some ideas for resolutions you can set to improve your mental health. Debrief The Last Year I’ve been spending a shit ton of ... READ the POST

Bad Bitches Guide to Goal Setting

If you're feeling uninspired by setting the same old same old goals this guide is for you. Last year for New Years I wrote a list of totally boring and uninspiring resolutions. You know the one I'm talking about; drink more water, read more books etc. While those are good things to do they felt ... READ the POST

Mental Health Planner: Fall Edition

I'm so freaking excited for fall. Writing my fall self-care guide really got me in the spirit and I decided to make a fall edition of my mental health planner! If you're not familiar with the original you can check it out here.  Ever since college, I have been searching for the perfect planner ... READ the POST

What to do when you’re depressed and have no motivation to do anything

Even after all these years of managing depression I still have weeks where I have no motivation to do anything. Living with depression means that managing my mental health is an ongoing thing for me. Just when I think I've got it all figured out, I start to get a little lazy and the next thing ... READ the POST

Mental Health Resources: My Planner

I wanted to create some mental health resources for you guys and I thought I would start by sharing the planner I use. Ever since college, I have been searching for the perfect planner system. For a while, I was loyal to bullet journaling but it was too unstructured for me. After a while, my ... READ the POST