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Setting Daily Intentions for Mental Health

What Is a Daily Intention A daily intention is what you want to focus your energy on that particular day. Setting a daily intention can help you stay focused on what is really important to you. By picking a theme or area that you want to focus on each day you can give every day a purpose. I like to ... READ the POST

Self-Love Journal Prompts

Journaling is one of the things that has really helped me improve my mental health. I write all the time now and fill journal after journal. I use affirmations to help me feed positive thoughts to my mind and journal prompts to work through anything weighing on my mind. I write a lot about ... READ the POST

Self-Care Tips For Women Who Are Busy and Stressed!

Self-Care Tips Sometimes life can really get you feeling rundown. If you've been stressed or overworked for a long time the normal manicure and bubble bath just isn't going to cut it. These are self-care tips for when you feel like total garbage and you need to do some extreme self-care. This ... READ the POST

Uplifting Books to Read This Summer

You guys know I love personal development and self-help books. However, I find summer is the perfect time to read some lighthearted and fun books. I love to read something uplifting and easy while laying by the pool or at the beach. Here is my list of fun summer books to read this summer. I ... READ the POST

Self-Care for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can make living your everyday life a struggle. Recently, I've been traveling a lot and it has made managing my anxiety even more difficult. Check out my self care for anxiety relief if you need some ideas to help manage your anxiety. Go for a walk Sometimes just going for a walk ... READ the POST

Scribd Review

I've been a huge fan of audiobooks and have been a loyal subscriber to audible for years. I recently checked out a new audio and ebook service called Scribd and I thought I would put together a Scribd review for you. Before I subscribed to Scribd I was easily spending $45-$65 per month buying ... READ the POST