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Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

My anxiety has been next level lately. I wanted to share the breathing exercises I have been using to manage my anxiety. These are my go-to videos for when I’m feeling completely out of control and I need to calm down fast. I hope they can help you manage your anxiety and get back to being the ... READ the POST

Feeling Lonely? What To Do When You’re Lonely

  Everyone goes through times in their life where they feel lonely. Whether you move to a new place or go through a breakup it’s easy to feel isolated. If you’re dealing with depression and anxiety on top of that it can get really overwhelming. I’ve gone through tons of transitions in ... READ the POST


I am obsessed with TED talks and all things personal development. As someone that manages both depression and anxiety I'll take any tips on feeling happier that I can get. These are my favorite TED talks about happiness. I thought a lot of the research discussed was really interesting because ... READ the POST

Does Online Therapy Work? Honest BetterHelp Review

BetterHelp Review I've spent half of my life going to therapy but only started doing online therapy this year. When I get depressed it's really hard to talk to someone face to face. I loved the idea of being able to chat or text with a therapist so I decided to give online therapy a ... READ the POST