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TED Talks All Women Should Watch

I am so obsessed with TED talks, I listen to them all day long. I thought I would share some of my all-time favorites with you. If you're looking for more awesome TED talks to watch before to check out my posts on TED talks for anxiety and happiness. I'm obsessed with Mel Robbins's book the ... READ the POST

Nine TED Talks to Make You More Productive

You guys know that I listen to podcasts and TED talks all the time (you can find my favorite mental health ones here). I've been on a huge kick lately of trying to learn about productivity so I can get more done in my lifetime. These are my favorite TED talks to make you more productive, I hope you ... READ the POST


I am obsessed with TED talks and all things personal development. As someone that manages both depression and anxiety I'll take any tips on feeling happier that I can get. These are my favorite TED talks about happiness. I thought a lot of the research discussed was really interesting because ... READ the POST

Must Watch TED Talks About Anxiety

Must Watch TED Talks About Anxiety As someone that has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety, I know how difficult it can be to live with. When my anxiety was bad I started avoiding all kinds of situations and over time my world began to massively shrink. I didn't go to social situations, ... READ the POST

5 TED Talks for your Mental Health

I really love all things self-help and I'm always looking for fresh ideas from people who "get it". Frankly, there's a lot of garbage in the self-help world and it takes a bit of time to wade through all the fads and fluff. These TED talks are the most kick-ass ones I've found so far and I ... READ the POST