Books Every Woman Should Read

A few months back I signed up for Scribd and it has been so awesome! If you love audiobooks you have to check it out. For $8.99 per month I get UNLIMITED access to audiobooks. This has saved me a ton of money and I highly recommend it if you listen to audiobooks. It is the best!

Read this book if: You need a reminder about what’s really important in life check this book out. This is the best self help book I’ve read in a long time and it really made me take a long hard look at my priorities.

Read this book if: you’re looking for some self help realness with a little bit of spirituality and positive thinking. This book has lots of entertaining antecdotes and useful advice.

Read this book if: You’re ready to set some scary awesome goals and change your whole damn life. This book will help you figure out how you want to feel and design goals around achieving your core desired feelings.

Read this book if: you’re feeling uninspired or you’re about to start a creative project. This book treats the creative process as sacred and will make you feel inspired to start making big magic in your own life ASAP.


Read this book if: You’re looking to be inspired by a bad ass woman of color totally killing it in Hollywood. This isn’t a self help book but I really love Mindy Kaling.

Read this book if: You’re not scared to get a little spiritual and you want to feel more positive energy than you’ve ever felt in your whole damn life.

Read this book if: You’re ready to really up your morning routine game to a whole new level. I’m pretty terrible at being a morning person but this book really inspires me to keep trying to get into a morning routine.

Read this book if: You are struggling with motivation and you need a new plan. By only giving yourself 12 weeks to accomplish your goals instead of 12 months you’ll be more realistic about what you can get done and feel a sense of urgency to make it happen.

Read this book if: You love a good memoir and you want to get emotionally invested in the story of a woman in a bad ass rock band.

Read this book if: You’re looking for an entertaining read that will inspire you to really kill it in life. This is the story of how one woman built a multi million dollar clothing empire from an ebay store.

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