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Living With Intention Everyday




If you saw my email yesterday you know that I was busy doing all of the full moon intention setting rituals last night. 


It was awesome but it really got me thinking….


Everything I did last night felt magical AF but I wasn’t doing anything special.


In fact, a lot of the tasks I was doing were just normal cleaning chores that I do every week.


It made me really think about how powerful setting intentions are and how we can make any task sacred if we decide to. 


Last night I cleaned the kitchen but I set the intention for that to symbolize releasing and letting go. I made a list of everything I was ready to release and then cleaned the crap out of the house. I listened to music. I sang songs. I channeled joy. I made tasks I usually do while checked out and in a rush one of the best parts of my week.


The entire experience felt really magical and special but it only felt that way because I set the intention to have a magical night last night. 


It feels like everyone is talking about the importance of self-care these days. However most of these conversations consist of the tasks you should be doing for self-care. The problem is that  if you’re taking care of yourself but you’re not being intentional with your mindset I think you’re missing out on a lot of the benefits. 


It doesn’t matter how many gratitude pages or bubble baths you take if you’re not feeling the feelings of thankfulness and relaxation in your body. 


Intention can change everything…


Washing the dishes can be relaxing.

Your morning commute can be sacred. 

Your shower in the evening can be a ritual. 

Drinking your morning tea can be magical. 


If you set the intention

If you decide. 


Have a great evening,




I did a Facebook live about this earlier today and the replay is up on YouTube if you want to check it out


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