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Ultimate Resource Guide for When You’re Stuck at Home

I know it’s a stressful and difficult time for many people right now.  I wanted to go ahead and put together a list of resources to help you manage stress and improve your mental health during this time.  Here are the best resources I could find for you to use while we are all ... READ the POST

Tips for Managing Coronavirus Anxiety

Hello friends, I've been really focusing on my mindset during the Carona Virus outbreak and I thought I would share some of these tips with me.  If you're feeling anxious it's OK.  This is something new and there are a lot of unknowns that can feed our anxiety.  However, ... READ the POST

How to Stop Worrying ASAP

How to Stop Worrying ASAP Constantly worrying and thinking about the worst-case scenario is exhausting.  I get it, I’ve been here.  I used to have crippling panic attacks that were a result of my constant worrying.  It was difficult to manage but over time it’s gotten much ... READ the POST

5 Things I Learned from Amanda Frances

This week I had a really crazy full circle blogging moment and I had to share it with you. When I was working my 9-5 job I felt so stuck. I knew I was unhappy but was unsure of what to do to remedy the situation. The idea came for my mental health blog and I felt so excited and got to work on ... READ the POST

I learned a lot about money, manifesting and tons more from Amanda Frances and her course Money Mentality Makeover. Here are some of my biggest takeaways and lesson I learned.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

There are lots of articles about how bad social media is for your mental health.  I wanted to offer a different perspective. I think there are actually a lot of positive effects of social media on mental health and we can actually use them as a tool to learn coping skills and improve our ... READ the POST

I Feel Nothing: How To Survive Depression

I remember feeling completely numb all the time.  I couldn't eat, sleep or do anything.  My level of functioning had reached an all-time low and it was difficult to imagine my life ever getting better.  These days I'm pretty thrilled with my life.  I've transformed my ... READ the POST