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New Daily Gratitude Exercise

In this podcast episode, I'm sharing with you a new gratitude exercise that I learned.      Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify. I've been into writing gratitude lists in my journal for years now but I hadn't ever done this exercise before and it ... READ the POST

Morning Journaling Worksheet

Hello, If you listened to my latest podcast episode you heard me talk about my new magical morning journaling ritual.   It's kind of like writing affirmations but EXTREME. I call it reminding myself who the eff I am and I basically go on a tangent and affirm myself. Mine ... READ the POST

New Morning Journal Practice

  I've really been working on finding ways to amp myself up in the morning. The truth is, I often wake up feeling freaking uninspired. I used to just accept my mood as something outside of my control. It was a terrible way to live and everything had to go perfectly for me to have a ... READ the POST

How I Got Through a Bad Month

Hello, I'm finally feeling like myself again after a pretty rough time last month. I can't tell you how thankful I am to feel productive and inspired again. I'm not 100% but I definitely feel more like myself again. I did a podcast sharing the whole experience you can check out ... READ the POST

Easy Meal Prep for When You’re Depressed

To be honest with you my functioning has been really low lately.  Five years ago one of my best friends was murdered and we just went through the trial for that this past week.  I'm really trying to get back into a healthy routine but it can be so hard to get started when you feel ... READ the POST