5 Must Watch Ted Talks For Your Mental Health

5 TED Talks for your Mental Health

I’m a self help junkie and I’m always looking for fresh ideas from people who “get it”. Frankly, there’s a lot of garbage in the self help world and it takes a bit of time to wade through all the fads and fluff. I love watching TED talks because I can stream them on the TV while I clean the house (multi tasking is so satisfying). Here are some of my favorite ones I’ve found about mental health. If you’re looking for an inspiration kick in the ass checkout my pep talks post¬†and my post on how to stay positive when everything sucks.

This TED talk discusses embracing your depression can actually make your life better. I’m a huge advocate of not living in shame of your mental health disorders.


Martin Seligman is the creator of positive psychology. His focus on making peoples quality of life better and not on fixing what traditional psychology has labeled mental illnesses.


I love this talk by a young beat boxer who is also bipoloar. He talks about why he views his mental illness as mental skillnesss. I love hearing him reframe his disorder.


This is a really interesting talk about emotional first aid and why we all need to practice it. This talk tells you seven ways you can emotionally care for yourself right now


This talk makes great points about how physicall illnesses are seen as legitimate but mental illnesses still have a stigma and it’s hard to get the same level of care and support.


I’m actually reading one of Brene Brown’s books right now. In this talk she discusses how we need to be vulnerable in order to connect with others.

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