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The time is NOW

If you've been waiting for a wake-up call If you've been waiting for the right moment or looking for a sign then Here it fucking is I believe the right time is always NOW If you read this and feel something inside you perk up. If you feel like you've been WAITING. If you've been counting down the minutes to five o clock on Friday Or waiting to write your book, fall in love, change your ... Read More about The time is NOW

Personal Development Gift Guide

Meditation Headspace is an awesome app with lots of great meditation training. You can get a  gift membership for someone on their website here.  Meditation has been shown to be an effective tool to manage stress and this would make a great gift for someone that is struggling to cope with the stress in their life.  I used to use it on my lunch break when I had a high-stress office job and it ... Read More about Personal Development Gift Guide

End of the Year Review

I love to use the holiday season to spend a lot of time writing in my journal and reflecting on the last year. I put together this year end review that has all my favorite yearend journal prompts in it. I also included them in a workbook you can get for free below. These are great prompts to complete before you set your goals for the upcoming year. If you're looking for mental health resources for ... Read More about End of the Year Review

Mental Health Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays can be a rough time for your mental health. Winter can make people more susceptible to depression (check out my Seasonal Depression Survival Guide) and then on top of that the holiday season can bring on tons of extra stress. I absolutely adore the holiday season but I always have to be extra aware of my mental health and make it a priority. The holiday season combines lots of ... Read More about Mental Health Holiday Survival Guide

Anxiety Resources

Blogs Anxious Lass Kel shares her personal journey with mental health and anxiety. This is one of my favorite mental health blogs and I def recommend that you check it out! She also has a Facebook group you can join here. Fiona Likes to Blog  I love Fiona's writing and I adore her blog about mental health. Modern Day Girl  A blog about mental health inspiration for ... Read More about Anxiety Resources

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