6 Easy Hacks to Fix Internet Speed Issues

Gone are the days when people would only go for an internet connection, now they demand superfast, seamless, and uninterrupted connectivity to keep up with the current digitalized world. A day when you encounter a speed-related issue feels like it is moving at a speed of a snail until the issue gets resolved since every aspect of our life depends on high-speed internet. Also, you cannot call the customer support of your service provider for every minor inconvenience. Therefore, in this article, we have listed some of the easy ways through which you can fix the speed of your internet.

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Whether you are working from home, taking online classes, or using the internet to carry out day-to-day chores such as grocery, playing games, or streaming movies, you don’t have to suffer through slow-speed internet because these hacks will solve the issue in no time.

The speed you get largely depends on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the plan you have subscribed to. This is why it is highly essential that you start by getting a subscription to a reliable provider like Cox Communications. This company is countrywide known for its impeccable services and high speed. Plus, Cox servicio al cliente for Spanish customers is 24/7 available to fix any issue you come across, which is very unlikely.

However, if you do come across any issues, then try the following methods to fix them easily on your own.

Relocate Your Router

The location of your router can affect the speed greatly. If you have your router placed in a far corner of your home and your bedroom is on the other end, then you are likely going to experience speed issues on a daily basis.

Therefore, place your router in the center point of your house so that it can send the signals to every part equally. Ideally, it is preferred that you place it in a living room since it is typically the central place of any house.

In addition to this, make sure you place the router five to seven feet off the ground. Placing the router a significant distance off the ground can improve the range of your signal.

Check the Surroundings of the Router

This point goes hand-in-hand with the hack given above. If your router is placed in an enclosed space or is obstructed by a wall or stairs can result in weak signals. This is why we highly suggest you place it in a clean line of sight so that no object can interfere with the signals.

Additionally, make sure that it is not placed around any electronic devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc. because a router emits radio waves, which can be disrupted by the electronic devices.

Restart the Router

Every once in a while, your router also needs to take a breather. Turning it off and then restarting it can do wonders for your speed. This is why you need to give your router some rest by unplugging it and your modem from the power outlet. Wait for at least 15 seconds. After it, plug them back in the outlet, and wait for a minute or two to power on the router.

You will see the difference yourself!

Close All the Extra Tabs

You might have a tab of video streaming service running on a background or a website that demands more data. These unused tabs can slow down the speed you receive on the tabs you are currently working on. Additionally, make sure you are using a reliable browser for your browsing activities.

Closing unused and extra tabs for optimal speed can help you a lot. By doing this, you can achieve a lag-free and uninterrupted internet connection.

Check All the Wires and Cables

Damaged or old wires and cables can also slow down the speed of your internet. So, before jumping to any conclusions, make sure that you check all the wires and cables connected to your router and modem to see if they are damaged or not. Old and worn-out cables can also disrupt the connection you receive.

This is why if you come across any damage to the wires or cables, call the customer support team of your ISP and ask them to send an agent with new cables/wires.

Switch Off All the Extra Devices

Do you have an old iPhone stashed in a drawer somewhere in the house? Is the smartphone still on and connected to the Wi-Fi? Well, sorry to break it to you but this phone is silently consuming all your data, even if you are not using it. The background apps on this phone or any other idle device, for that matter, are eating up the data, making the internet speed slow down.

Therefore, whenever you are not using any device, make sure you disconnect it from the Wi-Fi so that the active devices can enjoy a high-speed internet connection.

Closing Thoughts

Technology is bound to run into issues but not every problem needs to be dealt with by a professional. By following the abovementioned super easy hacks, you can fix your internet speed issues all by yourself, and that too in a matter of a few seconds.

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