Create a Sunday Night Routine to Slay Monday

Lately, I’ve been putting lots of energy into creating a Sunday night routine.

My mindset before was to do ONLY fun stuff on the weekends. No chores. No work. No boring ass adult business.

However, I ‘ve found if I spend some time Sunday evening prepping for the week, it sets me up in the right direction.

Waking up Monday morning with everything in order is a great feeling and a nice way to start the day. It helps to ease into the work week.

Maintaining your mental health means setting yourself up for success.

I don’t always have the energy to do all of these things but this is what I aim for. If you don’t feel up to completing all of the tasks just pick a couple or create your own list of things that will help you be prepared for the week.


Round up all your clothes from your car, floor, hamper and guest room (is that just me?). Get everything washed and put away. It’s a really nice feeling to have all of your clothes clean and put where they belong. Bonus points if you put out your clothes for the morning.


Wash your sheets, blanket, and pillowcases too while you’re at it! When my bedding is clean I feel like a rich queen. Starting the week off with clean bedding is an easy way to start off the week off on the right foot.



I like to do a fairly deep clean Sunday evenings. I wash the floors, clean the bathroom, and get all the dishes put away. I also like to clean out my car and get rid of the junk mail. I want to wake up Monday morning and have the house orderly and clean. If I don’t do it Sunday night I’ll get busy during the week and it will likely never get done.


I like to lay out my gym outfit the night before so it’s starting at me first thing in the morning. It doesn’t always work but I need all the extra workout motivation I can get. If you like to lay out your work outfits you can do that but I never really got into the habit. As long as my clothes are put away, I can usually put together an outfit for work easily.

Email Scan

I don’t read any work emails on the weekend. However, on Sunday night I like to scan my email so I know what to expect in the morning. Otherwise, I usually imagine it’s going to be way worse than it really is. Knowing what I am walking into calms my nerves and helps me sleep a little easier. If looking at your email is going to stress you out skip this step or if it will make you feel better just give it a little scan.


Clean out your fridge and throw away any old food from the week. I like to cook something I can take for lunches for the week ahead. I’ve been on a quinoa salad kick lately or you can make the stupid simple salmon recipe I posted here (salmon is good for your mental health). The chances of me going to the store after work and cooking during the week are slim at best. I really push myself to get something together for lunches Sunday night. If I don’t have time for any of the other stuff I still try to get food together for the week.


My purse accumulates a really impressive amount of stuff every week (10 different colors of lip gloss). I like to dump everything out Sunday night and start back with the essentials. I also like to pack my work bag with snacks for the week (usually granola bars), a jacket and any other items I need for the week.


Schedule and To Do List

Spending time writing out my to-do list and schedule helps me get into a productive mindset for the week. I write out any appointments and meetings and then divide up the tasks from my to-do list and assign them to each day.  It really helps me to have a plan for the week ahead. I’ve been loving bullet journaling lately, check out the video below if you want to learn more about it.



On Sunday night I like to do a relaxing yoga routine and go to bed early. I want to start each Monday feeling as refreshed as I can. I also write out a gratitude list before I go to sleep.  I make sure to include that I’m thankful for my job and the nice life I get to live because of it. You can download my list of gratitude journal prompts here. This helps me wake up on Monday morning in a better mood.


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How To Create A Sunday Night Routine To Slay Your Monday

Slay Mondays


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