Easy Ways to Adapt to Your New Hearing Aids

It can be exciting and intimidating to buy your first pair of hearing aids. It is important to hear well if you want to live a happy and healthy life. The more you use your devices, the more you will notice an improvement in your hearing. Make sure you take the time you need to become familiar with your new hearing aids. It is still a big adjustment to wear hearing aids, even if your hearing improves immediately. To determine whether your hearing loss is swimmers ear tinnitus, or a larger problem, it’s best to see your audiologist. Let’s take a closer look at a few easy ways to adapt to your new hearing aids.

Increase Wearing Time Slowly

Adjusting to your hearing aids usually takes between two and six weeks. The slow and steady approach is the one that wins the race, so be patient. It may be tempting to wear your device for extended periods at first, but try to avoid it.

To start, wear your hearing aids for two to four hours daily. Once your brain has become familiar with the new sounds, gradually increase the wear time. If you follow this method, you are much more likely to adapt to your hearing aids quickly and effectively than if you had tried too much too soon.

Soft Sounds Initially

You should gradually introduce different sounds as you wear your hearing aids more frequently. You can overload your brain with too much sensory information if you use hearing aids for the first time in a loud environment like a concert. When testing your hearing aids for the first time, select a quieter location, such as your home.

Testing your devices at home is ideal since you can control the sound environment. You can experiment with your radio or TV volume until you find the right setting. Experience the difference in sound range by engaging in conversations with loved ones. Spend some time outside listening to the sounds of nature. As you become comfortable with the noise, you can move on to louder, more challenging settings, such as restaurants and shopping malls. The complexity of sound environments may still overwhelm you. During the adjustment period, this is expected. Try again later if the sounds seem difficult at any point.

Some Sounds Will Seem Strange

People with mild hearing loss will experience significant changes in how they perceive sound. It is normal for your brain to feel a bit off at first since it hasn’t heard a specific sound for a long time, so that it may seem strange at first. It’s perfectly normal and temporary to feel that you sound strange or are startled by everyday noises.

In the same way that it takes your body time to get back in shape after a long absence from the gym, the same goes for your hearing. A hearing aid trains your brain to recognize and process sounds, similar to how athletes train their bodies.

If you are ready to try your new hearing aids, prepare for an exciting journey. Take your time, and allow your brain to become accustomed to your new hearing aids before you decide you don’t like them. Adapting to your hearing aids can be easier by following these tips.

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