Getting Started With Online Marketing

With most of today’s business happening online, it makes sense to advertise your company on the internet. Whether you’re just starting your business or trying to revitalize your marketing strategy, it can be hard to break into digital advertising. By understanding the following three categories, you can get started in online marketing.

SEO Marketing

The first type of online advertising you should know about as a business owner is SEO marketing. So what is SEO? The acronym stands for “search engine optimization-” a fancy way to say that you make your website desirable to clients. The primary way to engage in SEO is with outside content, such as blog posts. When a potential client Google searches for a product or service, they’ll find an article linking them back to your site. This strategy establishes you as an authority in your field so you can build your client base.

Paid Search Advertising

The second type of online marketing you should know about is paid search advertising. With paid search advertising, you develop a brief ad with an engaging meta description to draw in customers. Once your ad is designed, you pay to promote it on search result pages or SERPs. When someone googles a product or service, they’ll get a direct link to your website. This form of online marketing has risks, as many people scroll past ads to get to the content below. If you intend to go this route, make effective use of your character space. Your advertisement should be eye-catching, engaging, and easy to understand.

Social Media Marketing

The final type of digital marketing you may want to use for your business is social media marketing. Over four billion people have social media accounts as of 2021. Each of those accounts is a potential client. By getting your brand active on socials, you get access to untapped clients and the powerful algorithms that direct you to them. Every social media platform works on analytics and algorithms. Content only goes to people that have a similar viewing history. While that works for silly cat videos and news articles, you can also utilize that for your business. By advertising on social media, you can promote your business to people already in the market for something similar. Using the built-in algorithms of social media can save you hours of work while still giving overwhelming results.

In summary, digitizing your brand with these three methods will help boost your sales and website traffic.

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