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Gratitude Journal Prompts

Whenever I’m having a bad day or feeling depressed I write lists of everything I’m thankful for in my journal.

It helps me get my brain to focus on the positive and not spiral into a hole of negativity.

It feels kind of like doing a reset on my mindset. If you want to try some gratitude journaling to try using the gratitude journal prompts below.

I usually just free right but these will give you some ideas to get started. If you’re looking for more mental health information be sure to check out my posts about mental health.


mental health gratitude worksheet


Managing my mental health is a lot of freaking work.

If I don’t see results it is easy for me to get lazy or stop taking all the steps I need to do to feel like my most kick-ass self.

I love gratitude journaling because I use it to practice feeling good. It’s difficult (to say the least) to manage feelings and emotions when you have a mental illness which is why taking time every day to practice feeling blissed out is so important.

I use this worksheet to think about what I am grateful for and to take time to feel extreme gratitude.

While I’m writing it out I focus on letting love and happiness swell in my body.

The more you practice feeling good and noticing the blessings in your life the easier it becomes.


What Is Gratitude Journaling?

Gratitude journaling is writing about all of the things in your life that are going good right now.

These exercises help train your brain to focus on what you DO have and what is going good in your life.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut or just generally kind of negative doing these exercises can help you train your brain to look for the positive things in life.

Practicing gratitude every day has really helped me get a handle on my depression and anxiety.

I feel so much better overall now that I focus on feeling thankful for the blessings in my life instead of worrying about the future or beating myself up for things that happened in the past.

I talk more about my daily gratitude practice in my podcast episode about gratitude rampages.

You can check it out below and subscribe for future episodes on Podbean and iTunes.

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Gratitude Journaling Tips

Make It Part Of Your Routine

Do your journaling practice at a specific time every day.

To get the full benefits of gratitude journaling try and practice it for a few minutes at least once a day.

Adding it to your morning or evening routine can help you get in the habit of doing it and help you start to make it part of your routine.

Currently, I do my gratitude practice in the morning when I write out my to-do list in my planner (I am currently using and loving this one).

Do A Challenge

I really like doing challenges to help me make positive changes to my life.

Right now I am going 30 days without alcohol and I am feeling better than ever.

30 days always seems like a do-able amount of time to me but it is also long enough for me to see the benefits so I am motivated to keep going.

Challenge yourself to do 2-3 gratitude journal prompts every day for 30 days.

You can grab my mental health journal for free below if you would like to use it during your challenge.


Really Feel It

After spending so many years of my life struggling with clinical depression my default state is kind of numb and checked out.

I have to be very intentional about really staying present in my body.

The trick to gratitude journal is to really FEEL thankful in your body.

Take a few minutes as you’re writing to make sure you are really feeling gratitude as you’re journaling.

Gratitude Journaling Benefits

-Stress reduction

-Less materialistic

-Happier overall

-More positive memories

-Feeling excited for the future

-Feeling good in the present moment

-Better sleep

-Less anxiety and worry

-Deeper connections and relationships

-Less jealousy and envy

-Higher self-esteem

50 Things To Be Thankful For Right Now

Gratitude can make all of the struggles and bullshit that you’re dealing with easier.

No matter how crappy you feel you can always find something to be thankful for.

I challenge you to write out your own list of 50 things that you’re thankful for but I thought I would share my list with you just to give you some inspiration.

Here are 50 things to be thankful for right now.

  1. Electricity
  2. Friends
  3. Sunshine
  4. Fresh fruit
  5. Cute animals
  6. Nature
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Transportation
  9. Good books
  10. The internet
  11. Baths/hot showers
  12. Swimming pools
  13. Fresh coffee
  14. Clean sheets
  15. Good health
  16. Daydreams
  17. Vision
  18. Laughter
  19. The internet
  20. Education
  21. Tea
  22. Long walks
  23. Cameras
  24. Sleeping in
  25. Good hair days
  26. Free time
  27. Gym membership
  28. Freedom
  29. Diversity
  30. The ability to follow your dreams
  31. Spellcheck
  32. New seasons
  33. A roof over your head
  34. Online dating
  35. Traveling
  36. Girls nights out
  37. Pajamas
  38. Healthy snacks
  39. Makeup
  40. Having a passion
  41. Naps
  42. Reading books in the sun
  43. Weekend getaways
  44. Happy hours
  45. Porch hangouts
  46. The ocean
  47. Learning new things
  48. Social media
  49. Taco Tuesday
  50. Workouts that get results

Gratitude Journaling Prompts

If you’re ready to try gratitude journaling use the prompts below to help you get started. Once you’re in the habit you might find that you don’t need prompts. I usually reach for prompts if I’m feeling uninspires or if I’m having a bad day. Here are some of my favorite gratitude journaling prompts you can try out.

I’m so excited for:

I love to eat these foods:

My dream day would be:

I am so thankful for these pets/animals:

My life is so great because:

I always want to remember that:

These things made me happy today:

If I could relive any moment in my life it would be:

My favorite movies are:

I am thankful for these moments that happened this week:

I am so thankful for these things:

These things can always cheer me up:

I saw these beautiful things today:

I have been having this struggle _____________ and I’m thankful for it because it taught me these things:

I love these things about where I live:

I’m so thankful I learned these things this week:

I’m so grateful I have these friends and family:

I’m so blessed because:

My favorite season is ______ I love it because:

I’m so glad I have these talents:

I’m so thankful I have had these teachers:

I’m so grateful I own these items:

I’m so grateful I’ve been able to travel to these places:

I’m so thankful I read these books:

I’m so glad I have these daily comforts:

I’m so blessed to have these opportunities:

I have these awesome luxuries in my life:

I’m so thankful I learned these life lessons:

I have achieved these goals:

I’m thankful for these moments in the last month:

I’m thankful for these moments in the last year:

I’m grateful for these smells:

I love these songs:

I’m so thankful for this moment that changed my life:

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