I recently got a new planner and I love it SO MUCH!

I have always been into planners but this is hands down my favorite one.

I still love Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner and her book the Desire Map changed how I set goals and plan my day forever.

However, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the disc binding system in the Happy Planner.

If you want to see a full video tour of my planner set up check out the planner tour video on my Instagram highlights.

If you’re struggling with mental health I really recommend using a planner in addition to journaling.

I have been using my planner as a journal/planner hybrid.

The happy planner has enough room for extra pages so I often insert pages to write goals, affirmations and journal prompts throughout the day.

Having somewhere I can keep all my thoughts and ideas organized helps me keep my anxiety under control because I have a clear plan of tasks I need to get done every single day.

Every night before I go to sleep I make sure I review my monthly goals to make sure I am on track and I make a plan of all the tasks I am going to accomplish the next day.

I hope this happy planner review helps you decide if this is the right planner for you. I have tried just about every planner under the sun and this is by far my favorite!


My very favorite thing about this planner is that it is completely customizable.

The disc bound system makes it so easy to pull pages out and moves them.

This really helps me in my planning process so if I want to outline a podcast or blog post I can put in the extra paper where I want them.

If you want a planner with a ton of flexibility this planner is for you.

I am also a lover of fun stationery and office supplies so I  LOVE that there are so many accessories you can get for your planner.

If you are like me and new stationery and office supplies make you feel excited and inspired you are going to love these planners.

There are a TON of awesome accessories and I’m going to share a review of the planner I have and all of the accessories I have tried so far below.


The Happy Planner comes in three sizes.

I got my planner in the Classic size and I’ve been really happy with it.

I’ve played around with the idea of switching to the full size but I think that might be a little bit too big to lug around with me everywhere.

I like that the Classic size gives me plenty of room to write but it still fits in my purse (I carry huge handbags).

If you want tons of room to write and are going to be primarily using your planner at your desk the full size might be for you.

However, if you’re like me and constantly carrying your planner with you and working at random coffee shops the Classic size is probably the way to go.

If you just want something small and you want to always have your planner with you then the small size is the way to go.

That one would be great if you want something small enough to carry around with you all day long and you don’t need a ton of space to write.

For me, it all comes down to what size bag you need to be able to fit it in and how you are planning on using it.


I love that the covers on this planner are so easy to change.

If you’re like me and crave variety and constant change you definitely need this planner.

You can easily pull the cover off and snap on a new one. I currently have this one but I’ll put a few of my favorite classic sized planners below.

I have an 18-month planner that comes with a monthly and weekly view and divider tabs for each month.

They sell refill packs you can get once you run out of monthly and weekly pages. 


To Do Lists

One of my favorite things about the Happy Planner is all of the add-ons they have.

One of my favorites they have is the half page to do lists.

I love these because I can stick them in my planner when I need to brain dump all the things I need to get done.

This is the perfect place to keep a list of all the extra tasks you need to do when you have extra time or any other lists you want to make.

I use these to keep track of ideas for blog posts, things I need to buy from the grocery store or anything else I need to make a list for.

Daily Pages

My next favorite Happy Planner accessory is the daily scheduling pages.

If I have a busy day or a lot of things I need to get done I like to fill this out the day before.

I really like that this has a place to write your top three tasks you want to get done that day.

I usually write everything I want to do in the list column and then figure out what really are my most important tasks and fill them out in the top three tasks section.

This helps me stay focused on what is actually important and not get sidetracked doing random tasks throughout the day.

I also like scheduling blocks of time in the hourly planning portion of the page.

I really like these daily planning pages and they are great if you have a lot of tasks to plan or if your schedule changes a lot from day to day.

They also have a grid on the back for doing brain dumps.

I use this space if I want to make extra notes, plan our blog posts or if I just want to write some extra affirmations throughout the day.

Colored Paper

I bought a pack of this colored paper for writing notes, affirmations and journal entries.

I like that this planner gives me plenty of flexibility to add extra pages wherever I want.

A lot of time when I’m planning my week I use a few of these sheets of papers to brainstorm ideas, keep track of information or make notes to myself.

At the beginning of each month, I write out all of my goals and then I move that page to the front of each week as we go through the month.

This helps me stay focused on what my goals are each month.

If you’re like me and you like to write I recommend getting at least one of these packs for your planner.

I keep the extra pages in the back of my planner and insert them behind each week as I need them.


Project Planning

I like these project planning sheets but I don’t use these as much as the other sheets I bought.

If you’re in school you might want to try them out. If you need to track the progress of a project you are working on or paper you are writing these would be perfect.

They have a place to keep track of various due dates for each stage of the project which I think would be perfect if you are in school.

I use them for long-term projects I want to do on my blog but I don’t use these on a daily basis.

Sticker Book

I was so excited about using stickers in my planner when I first bought it.

To be honest, I have barely used the sticker books I bought.

It is nice sometimes when I need to destress I’ll plan out my week and then go through and decorate the pages.

I find it relaxing when I do it but most weeks I don’t take the time to add stickers to my planner.

I like that all the other pages are already decorated and colorful without any additional stickers.

If you love stickers you will love using the happy planner because they have tons of sticker books. This is my favorite sticker book I bought.


Budgeting Extension Pack

I grabbed this budget extension pack to help me keep track of my personal and business expenses every month.

I struggle with budgeting so I am hoping this will help me keep track of my spending.

Honestly, I haven’t used this much but it does look helpful. It came with more weekly planner sheets but I already have those.

I added the expense tracking sheets and the savings tracker to my planner but left the other pages out. If you want a way to keep track of your spending and savings in your planner then this might be helpful for you.


I got this pack of folders to put in my planner so I can keep extra papers, sticker sheets and random notes in them.

I use these all the time and I recommend them if you think you will use them to put little odds and ends in your planner. If you’re like me and on the go all the time and take your planner everywhere I think they are great to have.

Right now I am using one to hold the bills I need to pay and another one to hold miscellaneous paper I have.


I use these to keep track of special pages in my planner.

Right now I have one on my daily page, one on my affirmations and one on my goals for the month.

I really like these buy honestly you could use paperclips to do the exact same thing.

These are magnetic and very cute but I don’t think they are a must-have happy planner accessory.

They are a fun way to mark certain pages in your planner that you reference often so you don’t have to dig through all of your pages to find them.

Meal Planning

I was so excited to get these meal planning sheets but I haven’t even used them once.

I almost always end up using one of the colored pieces of paper or a blank to-do list to write my grocery list on.

These would be good if you’re really into meal planning but I mostly just write grocery lists and I don’t actually end up using these as much as I thought I would.

If you’re really into meal planning these might be good for you but if not then I would just skip it and write your grocery list on one of the to-do lists or blank paper.


I bought these because I wanted some fine point parkers for writing in my planner.

Honestly, I picked these because they were cheap.

I do really like them but I’ve already lost most of them (I constantly lose pens and markers). If you are looking for a set of colored fine point markers I thought these were decent quality and they are very affordable.

Wish List

These are items I haven’t bought yet but that I’ve been eyeing.

I really enjoy picking out a new accessory for my planner every few weeks.

It makes me feel inspired and excited about my planner.

Plus I really have been using the heck out of my planner and staying really focused on my goals and to-do lists every day. These are some of the items I am planning on buying in the future.

I really want this happy planner hole punch.

I’m holding off on buying it because I think it is expensive but knowing how much I’ve been using and loving this planner I probably will buy one eventually.

I really like the idea of being able to create my own printables for the planner and to be able to include journal prompts, affirmations and inspirational quotes throughout my planner.

I am going to wait to purchase this to celebrate a special occasion or I might see if it goes on sale at my local craft store.

I really like the look of these half sheet to-do lists.

I already have the plain to-do lists but I want to add these just to change it up.

I think these would be great for doing daily to-do lists.


I would really like to have a page of sticky notes to add to my planner. I think these would be handy for marking project pages or adding in little notes to myself.

These pen holders stick onto the front of your planner.

I feel like I am constantly digging through my purse and backpack to find a pen so I really want one of these so I can my pen and planner together in my bag.

This paper is a little more expensive per sheet than the plain colored paper I got because it has gold foiling.

I will probably end up picking this pack too though just because I love buying stationary and having a special paper to write on.

Happy Planner Bands

I hope this happy planner review gives you some inspiration for putting together a great planner of your own.

Having a planner that I really love has helped me in so many ways.

I feel more organized and motivated because I have all of my to-do lists, schedule and goals all in one place.

It has really helped my mental health because I now have space to journal and write affirmations in addition to doing the usual planner tasks.

I love how it’s completely customizable and I can move everything around as I need to.

This is my favorite planner system out of all the planners I have tried so far and I definitely recommend you check it out if you are looking for a new planner.

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