I’m the queen of hitting the snooze button too many damn times. I am just not a morning person. It doesn’t matter how often I have to do it, waking up early sucks. Every. Damn. Time. Here are the tips I use to make the morning suck less.

Get Freaking Prepared

Nothing makes me morning suck more than when I am running around the house trying to find something to wear and pack a lunch in ten minutes or less. Nothing makes me feel like I’m killing the morning game more than making my freaking lunch and having an outfit picked out the night before. It’s summer right now and I’ve been really loving iced coffee so I make the coffee the night before and put it in the fridge so it will be cold in the morning.

Get More Freaking Sleep

Nothing makes the morning suck as much as not getting enough sleep. I like to get in bed early and spend some time reading (I’m currently reading You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life and I recommend it so far). I also keep lavendar lotion next to my bed and using it is my favorite bedtime ritual. I also invested in a fluffy duvet and nice new pillows for my bed. My goal is to create the ultimate sleep wonderland and hopefully catch some more rest to make the morning suck a little less.

Don’t Freaking Snooze

This is the hardest damn one. Snoozing never makes you feel more rested and as hard as it is you need to make yourself get out of bed on the first alarm. I’ve drove just about every boyfriend I’ve ever had completely nuts by setting 1000 alarms in the morning.  When I do manage to getup on the first alarm it definetly makes the morning suck significantly less. If I get up I have time to do a little yoga and eat a good breakfast instead of running around like a frantic hot mess trying to get to work on time.

Do Some Freaking Yoga

My new favorite thing is doing yoga in bed first thing when I wake up. It’s a little tricky because my dog wants his breakfast as soon as he realizes I am awake. Most mornings I can get him to wait ten minutes while I stretch before I get out of bed. I’m always really freaking stiff so stretching in the morning really helps me.


Favorite Freaking Beverage

Like I said, it’s summer right now and I’m on a huge ice coffee kick. I put the coffee in the blender with ice, protein powder and a little cream and blend it into a kind of coffee smoothie. I’m obsessed with it. In the winter I drink a lot of black tea. Having your favorite drink first thing in the morning is such a great treat to wake up to. If you’re not into caffeine try some lemon water or a nice fruit smoothie.

Get Freaking Inspired

I really try to build up positive energy in the morning to carry me through the day. While I’m still in bed I spend some time focusing on affirmations. If my depression is really kicking me down I will write out a list of everything in my life I am thankful for in my journal. I also like to listen to motivational talks in the morning while I make breakfast and get dressed. Checkout my posts on pep talks and motivational speeches for some good ones. You can also get my free gratitude worksheet which is a great way to start the day.


Healthy Freaking Breakfast

I like to make this recipe on Sunday and keep leftovers in the fridge for the week. My level of functioning is just never quite high enough to make an actual breakfast from scratch. These egg muffins are stupid easy to make and you can add in some veggies to make the healthy too. Having a good breakfast really does help you get the day off right.

Take a Freaking Shower

I always feel better when I take a shower in the morning. I have body wash and hair conditioner that smell so good. It really does give me a boost in the morning plus I like to start the day feeling clean and fresh. I’m always tempted to skip showering in the morning (I am lazy) but I always feel better when I take a shower in the morning.

Get a Freaking Skincare Routine

I use Pixi Glow Tonic which is the best thing I’ve found for texture and making my dull dry skin look alive. For moisturizer I hit the SPF with a CeraVe moisturizer. I am just starting out using Curology at night and it makes me skin feel so nice in the morning. They allow you to get prescription strength skincare that is custom made to address the skincare issues you have. They specialize in acne but after sending photos and chatting with a dermatologist they set me up with something to prevent wrinkles and treat the texture and dark spots that are popping up all over my face lately. If you’re looking for  affordable skincare that really packs a punch I recommend checking it out. The first month is free.


woman waking up to a great morning


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