10 Mental Health Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

mental health podcastsCheck out these mental health podcasts if you're struggling with managing depression, anxiety or want to learn self-care ideas. #mentalhealth #podcast #depression #anxiety

Mental Health Podcasts

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All of these mental health podcasts are available to listen to for free on Podbean.

I just recently started listening to Podcasts all the time.

I love that I can listen to them while I’m driving or doing stuff around my house and sometimes I even listen to them while I’m working on this blog (yes, I’m listening to one right now).

I’m mostly attracted to Podcasts that bring a lot of positive energy and make me feel freaking good.

No true crime Podcasts for me, I want to finish a Podcast and feel uplifted.

Getting positive energy throughout the day helps me manage my depression and anxiety plus I feel happier overall. 

Mental Health and Podcasts

I have been managing anxiety and depression my entire life and over the past few years, I have become obsessed with podcasts.

They are entertaining, easy to listen to and I’ve been able to learn a ton of techniques and tips for managing my mental health.

I try to listen to podcasts that uplift me, inspire me and provide awesome information.

If you’re struggling with your mental health you probably have some negative self-talk or thoughts going on in your brain.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to get some positive messages into your brain throughout the day.

If you can’t afford therapy my biggest tip for you is to invest a lot of time and energy into consuming personal development related content.



Radical Transformation Podcast

I love podcasts so much that I launched my own mental health podcast and I would love it if you checked it out.

I share stories from my mental health journey as well as tips and tricks for managing mental health and slaying depression and anxiety.

I really love making the podcast and it would mean so much to me if you checked it out.

It’s available on iTunesSpotifyGooglePlay and Podbean.

Every week I challenge myself to share openly and honestly about my mental health journey to try and help other ladies.

It would mean so much to me if you gave it a listen or if you would be willing to subscribe and review!


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Style Your Mind

This is a short, entertaining and easy to listen to Podcast. Each episode is packed with tips to start living your best life.

This is the perfect podcast to listen to in the morning when you need a little pep talk.

I follow Cara on Instagram and she seems like a badass chic. She lives in NYC and is a successful businesswoman.

If you need a pink hair best friend that gives you solid life advice check out this podcast.

She is always dishing out great tips for living an intentional life and I’ve picked up lots of motivation from her.

mental health podcasts

Manifestation Babe

I love Kathrin Zenkina and I was really happy she started posting her talks as Podcasts.

Kathrin teaches the law of attraction and manifestation.

If you want someone to coach you through how to start attracting positivity into your life check out this Podcast.

Kathrin also has a great group on Facebook you should check out if you’re looking for a positive community of badass ladies to hang out with.

This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to change your mindset and start incorporating more positive thinking into your daily life.

mental health podcasts

Mental Illness Happy Hour

This podcast features awesome guests that talk about mental health issues that are still taboo like addiction and childhood trauma.

This is an inspiring show of people sharing their experiences and struggles to help normalize mental illness.

This is one of the only podcasts I have found that deals specifically with mental health.



mental health podcasts

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This is a personal development podcast that features interviews with kick-ass guests.

It offers a lot of practical advice about goals setting, time management and other tools for success.

I’ve been obsessed with all things personal development and this podcast is packed full of great advice.

Check it out if you want to learn all the best tips and tricks to slay life.

mental health podcasts

The Lively Show

I’ve been following Jess Lively online for years. Her podcast features lots of great advice about living a life with intention.

Jess is very likable and gives great advice about living on purpose.

She interviews tons of great guests all the time and produces really high-quality content.

This is a must listen to in my book.

mental health podcasts

The Positive Psychology Podcast

This show goes beyond just thinking happy thoughts and dives into training your brain to feel better throughout your day to day life.

She has podcasts based on pop culture icons like Batman and Harry Potter.

This is an entertaining podcast with lots of great information about positive psychology.

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Magic Lessons

You probably know Elizabeth Gilbert as the author of Eat, Pray, Love.

I originally found her podcast after I listened to her new book Big Magic.

Big Magic is all about the creative process and the energy of ideas.

This show features interviews with all of the popular self-help authors and focuses on moving past fear to live your most creative life.

Some of my favorite authors have been on this podcast so check it out and see if your favorites have been interviewed.

Every episode of this podcast is thoughtful and insightful if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration check out this podcast.


mental health podcast 


I have been obsessed with Rachel Hollis ever since I read her book Girl, Wash Your Face earlier this year.

Rachel is very motivational but she also delivers real techniques and habits to improve your life and well being.

I recently signed up to participate in her Last 90 Day Challenge and it has been really motivational so far.

This is one of my favorite podcasts and it is a great mix of storytelling, humor, real talk and advice.

Rise Together

This is Rachel’s second podcast she does with her husband all about healthy relationships. 

Both Rachel and her husband Dave are very invested in mindset, positivity and having a great marriage. 

I’m embarrassed to admit that I listen to this podcast every single week even though I am single!

I just really love their advice and they give a lot of great ideas for making your relationship exceptional.

If you are married or in a longterm relationship this is a must listen to.

I can’t wait to have a boyfriend so I can listen to this podcast with him.

These are all the Podcasts I listen to when my depression is making it difficult to think positive.

They are awesome free resources and awesome to listen to throughout the day.

I hope you love these podcasts as much as I do and they help you with your mental health.

I listen to these all day every day while I’m at work, in the car, at the gym or grocery shopping.

After listening to information about self-improvement and positivity I have noticed a huge shift in my mental health.

If you’re looking for more resources check out my post on TED talks for mental health or grab some freebies from my mental health resource library.

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