Planning a Road Trip? Check Out Our Road Trip Tips

Are you planning your first road trip? There are so many things to think of before you leave, but we have you covered!

Whether you are traveling alone or with family or friends, there are some tips that you should not forget. The most important tasks to put on your road trip checklist include getting great snacks, proactively fueling your car, and strategic packing.

Let’s take a look at each of these tasks to plan your ultimate road trip.

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Packing snacks is arguably one of the most important details for any car trip . Everyone has different food preferences, and sometimes it can be challenging to find the options you need while en route.

Load up your cooler with basics like water bottles, granola bars, pita and hummus, pre-cut veggies  and guacamole, and any go-tos for vegan, gluten-free, or other specific dietary needs.

If you have a special treat in mind that you know you will not be able to find easily at a rest stop, don’t forget to throw it in a secret stash in your backpack!


Fill up your gas tank before hitting the highway. Some larger roads do not have rest stops for many miles. Doing this task in advance is a good idea so you don’t have to stop early in your trip and lose time to get to your destintion.

It is wise to plan your service and rest stops if you will be driving for more than a day. If you have a small gas tank, this will be especially important. You don’t want to get stuck on any major highways or back roads, especially if the nearest gas station is 20 miles away!

Even if your tank is not running on empty, proactively stop at any gas stations along your route. This is an especially good idea if you do not know when you will pass another one. Filling your tank frequently may save you a headache and the need to use your roadside assistance!

It is wise to review your insurance policy before you leave. This way, you will know exactly what to expect should an accident or emergency occur. Freeway Car Insurance offers plans at prices that work for all budgets. You can call or email them, or visit their website to learn more.


When possible, pack light for your trip. If you are traveling with others, you may have limited space for your bags. You can save space in your suitcase or packpack by rolling your clothes up instead of folding them. You can also use soft overnight bags instead of hard case suitcases. This makes it easier to fit many items in a small space or trunk. However, you can make an exception for your favorite PJs or your childhood teddy if you cannot leave overnight without them. Toss those in a side pocket or put them in the bag at your feet!

Don’t forget to include essential items that you cannot replace or buy along the way. This will avoid unnecessarsy stops or stressors. For example, make sure your photo identification is in your wallet or purse and that you have enough of any medications.

Coordinate with your fellow travelers about duplicate or shared items. You can create a group text to ask what each other is bringing. Alternatively, you can create a cloud-based spreadsheet that lists items that everyone will use and assign each of them to different travelers. You probably won’t need three hair dryers!

Road Trip Fun

Taking a road trip is a great opportunity to connect with friends and family. To make the ride even more fun, make sure to remember healthy snacks, proactively get gas, and pack lightly. Lastly – don’t forget your pillow for any backseat naps!

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