Why People Love Romantic Movies

A study from Kansas State University showed that men enjoy romantic movies almost as much as women do. They rated them higher than women did, despite prevailing stereotypes. One reason why men enjoy romantic movies is that they can relate to them.


Romantic movies that will make you cry must include a relatable main character. This is crucial if the audience is to take the story seriously. For example, a famous lawyer never leaves his wife for a new sex worker. The same is true of a rich young man and a young sex worker in “Pretty Woman.” The main characters must be real, which is why realism is so important for romance movies.


Romantic movies are not necessarily lighthearted, but they are sometimes a great way to spend an evening on a date. Some of these films have dark themes and are not suitable for kids. If you are looking for a romantic movie with a dark tone, Phantom Thread is a great choice. It stars Daniel Day-Lewis as a fashion designer and Vicky Krieps as a waitress. This film is also available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.


Romantic movies have remained the same for centuries despite their varying styles and genres. Some films are so basic that they’re considered “old school.” A classic example is Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights, which contains no audial dialogue. This simplicity lends a visual profundity to the story. These movies were made before the advent of social media and the rise of conflicting life goals.


The main reason that people love romantic movies is the characters. In these films, love interests aren’t necessarily meant to get along. The protagonist might not even like his love interest at the beginning of the story. But throughout the movie, this love interest becomes an exemplary metaphor for the protagonist’s success.

Romantic movies are full of characters obsessed with the object of their love. While this may be romantic, it is unrealistic and unhealthy. In reality, lust and love are different emotions. While intense butterflies and longing are signs of lust, true love combines action and feeling.


When it comes to partnerships, chemistry is important. The deciding factor in whether or not your characters are intended to be together is how their differences and similarities mesh. In certain circumstances, opposites attract, yet healthy relationships can also exist between people who are essentially the same. Contrarily, individuals who are too similar to one another may become irrational, while those who are too dissimilar might not have any chemistry at all.

Simple Plot

Nobody wants to watch a dull, tired romance film that has been made countless times. A few romantic clichés are alright, but not so many that watching them becomes tedious and predictable. Because of this, a great romance movie usually steers clear of clichés or attempts to reinvent them in interesting ways.

Vague Ending

Every movie needs a satisfying or memorable conclusion; if it falls flat, the entire picture may be ruined. The lovely happily ever after conclusion is a common theme in romantic movies, but if done effectively, it won’t come off as overly corny. However, a lot of good romance movies prefer to leave you wondering, “Did they get back together? The best conclusions are those that leave you with a question, and not every romance movie needs a clear-cut, joyful conclusion.

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