10 Minute Workouts for Depression and Anxiety

I have a love-hate relationship with exercise.

It gives me immediate positive results in my mental health and overall mood but I suck at sticking to a regular routine.

I tend to start by taking on too much too fast and not keeping up with it.

I compare myself to my friends that are in better shape than me or think about how fit I used to be and it crushes my motivation.

This week let’s start small.

In a study completed by exercise psychologist Glenn Gaesser, they found that breaking exercise up into three ten minute sessions had more health benefits than one thirty minute session.

Click here to read an article about the study.

Let’s challenge ourselves this week to start with just one ten minute workout session in the evening.

Once you feel good with that add another in the morning and finally try to find somewhere to fit in the third session (in the afternoon or before bed).

It doesn’t matter what level you are starting at, just challenge yourself to do a little bit more than what you have been doing.

I haven’t been exercising much lately (I blame my work schedule) so this week I will be challenging myself to do one ten minute workout video every night after work.

I have found the most sustainable way for me to exercise is to incorporate in little bits at a time.

I created a free printable fitness plan you can use to plan which workouts you want to do.

Here are 50 ten minute workouts you can do for free on YouTube!

I find a lot of the commentary on the videos annoying so I usually watch it on mute and play my own music (Beyonce all day).


Want to save these workouts for later? Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board!

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