100 Things To Be Happy About Right Now

Hi friends,
To be honest with you I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week but I’m ready to shake that shit off. Even when things completely fall apart I still have so much to be thankful for and I’m tired of taking so much for granted. I’ve been writing out tons of gratitude lists and it’s really helped me notice the small blessings I’m surrounded by everyday. Here’s my list of 100 things to be happy about right now, I hope it inspires you to write your own list and stop taking shit for granted.

“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” -Brene Brown

1. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning.
2. My cute puppy. He’s my best friend, I don’t know what I would do without him.
3. Having my parents visit me.
4. Having a house that feels like home. I bought this house last year and it has been such a huge blessing
5. My car. I sold my car when I went to grad school and it was five years before I was able to get another one.
6. The flowers that are blooming all over my yard. It makes it seem like a magical garden.
7. My sweet ass health insurance. I had to get a bunch of blood work done a couple weeks ago and it only cost me $20 bucks.
8. Regular income.
9. My new turquoise moleskin journal. I’m planning on cramming it full of dreams + plans.
10. My blog. This blog has been such a blessing. It has given me an outlet and a focus and I actually feel like I can do something to help other people.

100 things to be happy about right now
11. My new water bottle that keeps water ice cold all damn day.
13. Living in the same town as my three best friends
14. Vitamins. My Mom bought me a bunch of vitamins last month and they have been making me feel like a million bucks.
15. Yoga videos on YouTube. I’ve been starting and ending my days with a nice long stretch.
16. My ice maker. This is the first time I’ve ever had one and every time I get a cup of ice water I feel like a fancy queen.
17. Living driving distance from the beach. The ocean heals me and gives me clarity.
18. My glasses. I literally can’t see jack without them.
19. Sunsets and sunrises.
20. That my dog has a big yard to play in.
21. My bike. This is one of the more expensive things I ever bought myself and it carried me through a ton of adventures. I spent a whole summer riding it and traveling all over the country.
22. Chapstick. Am I the only one who gets chapped freaking lips in the summer? I keep a tube by my bed and a tube in my purse.
23. Lavender scented body lotion. I love to put it on in bed after I do my yoga stretching, it’s all very zen.
24. Air conditioning. I live in Florida so there really isn’t anything more luxurious than climate control.
25. Living so close to so many beautiful springs I can swim in.
26. Clean bedsheets. This might be one of my favorite simple joys in life.
27. Work friends. I don’t know how I would get through the work week without my work buddies.
28. The New York Times. I read it all day everyday.
29. Best friend happy hours with nonstop laughs.
30. Watching really good live music.

100 things to be happy about right now
31. My brother, I really miss him.
31. My smartphone. I’m constantly amazed at how much I’m able to do and learn on my phone.
32. A comfortable bed. One of my friends gave me her bed and it is the most comfortable things I’ve had to sleep on in years.
33. Rainy days. I love a good excuse to stay curled up inside.
34. Goals and plans for the future. I am not happy if I’m not working towards something.
35. Antidepressants and birth control. These things changed my life and made so many things possible for me.
36. Really insightful therapists.
37. Sweet emails from readers. It is so humbling when someone shares part of their story with me.
38. Living in a neighborhood that is cute and safe.
39. The ongoing group text I am in with my friends, I don’t know how I would get through the workday without it.

100 things to be happy about right now
40. Days when I am happy at work.
41. Food that is delish and healthy (I’m thinking about the curry I had yesterday).
42. Authentic mexican food.
43. Finally being over the head cold I had forever and feeling healthy.
44. Swimming in my pool.
45. Naps in my hammock.
46. Writing really long journal entries in my notebook.
47. When I wake up before my alarm.
48. Meeting new and interesting people.
49. Having really thoughtful discussions about politics.
50. When my hair dries really big and curly.
51. Quite weekends at home.

100 things to be happy about right now
52. My freaking fireplace, it takes fall to a whole new level.
53. Gilmore girls is streaming on Netflix and I can watch it whenever the eff I want.
54. Beyonce will probably make another album.
55. First dates with lots of chemistry.
56. Getting food delivered. This turns a regular night staying in into a freaking treat to me.
57. My super cozy duvet. I’m determined to make my bed the most cuddly spot on on earth.
58. Having a washer and dryer. No more trips to the laundromat!
59. My support system. I have some really good friends only a phone call away.
60. Getting cards in the mail. I love getting mail.

100 things to be happy about right now
61. Really cozy socks
62. Long walks with good music.
63. Paid vacation days.
64. Paid sick days.
65. Spellcheck. I would not have a gotten through grad school without it.
66. Songs that remind me of specific moments and times in my life.
67. Really good hugs.
68. Cuddling and watching Netflix.
69. When a piece of home decor I want at Target goes on clearance.
70. Having a garbage disposal.
71. All day kayak trips.
72. People who are so funny they make me laugh until my sides hurt.
73. Men who like foreplay.
74. I can reread Harry Potter whenever I want.
75. Fresh food and homemade anything.
76. Sweater weather (I am in Florida, this is a rare and miraculous thing).
77. Taking a shower after getting really really sweaty.
78. Making really fun plans for the weekend and looking forward to them all week long.
79. Falling in love
80. Knowing all the words to a song.
81. Staying up all night talking to someone.
82. The perfect Mojito.
83. Trying new restaurants.
84. Exploring new cities.
85. Visiting old friends and getting to catch up.
86. Girls nights.
87. Freaking pay day!
88. Having time to rest.
89. Birthdays and holidays. I love a good reason to celebrate with friends and family.
90. When my eye makeup turns out how I want.
91. Shampoo that makes your hair smell really good.
92. Bubble baths. Taking a bath before bed is my favorite way to relax.
93. Movies that make me laugh out loud.
94. Really good chocolate.
95. The fact that airplanes exist and I can go literally anywhere in the world.
96. Podcasts that make the drive to my parents house go by fast.
97. Social media. I love seeing snapchats from you guys and keeping in touch with old friends on Facebook.
98. The fact that Google is a thing.
99. You. I’m thankful for people like you who visit this little blog.
100. This present moment, we only get so many.

100 Things to Be Happy About

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