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I’ve been on a really intense journey to change my mindset over the last year.

This time last year I felt stuck in a job that didn’t suit me and I couldn’t see a way out of it.

I knew what I was doing wasn’t meant for me in the long run but I felt depressed and disempowered.

Changing my mindset really let me change my whole damn life.

In less than a year I went from working a day job that wasn’t a good fit for me to owning my own business and living the lifestyle I had always dreamed of.

If you’re feeling stuck in your job, relationship or life start working on changing your mindset first.

If you’re telling yourself negative stories or feeling disempowered it’s going to be hard to make changes in your life.

Get New Information

My journey started by reading tons of books and listening to audiobooks (I use Scribd) and podcasts.

Start finding media to consume that makes you feel good and cut out the stuff that is bringing you down.

For me, that meant reading less news and watching fewer TV shows for entertainment.

I started watching entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Niestat on Youtube.

Getting a glimpse into how successful people were living their lives gave me a model to follow while building my new lifestyle.

During the last year the three books that had the biggest impact on me were The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, You Are a Badass and The Desire Map.

After I finished Your Are a Bad Ass I put in my two weeks notice and left my 9-5 job.

Exposing myself to lots of new ideas and information helped me radically change my mindset quickly. I basically tried to flood my brain with positive information and self-help books every day.

Meet New People

If you’re feeling uninspired or stuck try to find new people to hang out with.

Even if you have good friends being around new people can inspire you to think about things differently or try new things.

Finding a new circle of friends can be really difficult but it’s a fast way to change your life and your mindset.

You’ll find yourself spending time doing different activities, having new conversations and being exposed to new ideas.

Try to identify people in your community that are living their life the way you want to in the future.

Reach out to them and tell you that you admire their work and ask them for coffee.

Try a new hobby that could help you meet new people with similar interests or see if there are any clubs or organizations you can join.

Being around new people can help you change your mindset fast.

Get a Therapist

My mindset was stuck for so long because I was really freaking depressed.

It’s really hard to change your mindset when you’re struggling with mental illness.

If you’ve been feeling crappy, overwhelmed or you just want to get serious about changing your mindset go to a therapist.

It’s the best investment I ever made in myself and I would have missed out on so many life experiences if I wouldn’t have gone to therapy and finally got my depression under control.

There’s a lot of stigma about asking for help and it causes a lot of people to suffer in silence for way too long.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak and therapists are professionally trained to help you overcome the struggles you are facing.

If you’re interested in online therapy I use and recommend BetterHelp. If you prefer to talk to someone in Psychology Today has a therapist finder you can use to find someone in your area.

Change Your Self Talk

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between someone telling you “you suck and your not going anywhere” and you saying it in your mind.

If you’re speaking negatively to yourself in your mind you need to do everything you can to stop it.

You should aim to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a stranger or a child.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself or beat yourself up if something goes wrong but in the end, it’s only going to hold you back and make you feel lousy.

I spend a lot of time addressing my own self-talk before I was able to start my business and this blog.

Make a commitment to go easy on yourself and support yourself on your journey.

Try journaling or using affirmations and see if that helps you start to think positive thoughts about yourself.

It takes a lot of effort at first but after a while it starts to change your mindset and you will find that it starts to become easier.

I have a whole podcast about how I use gratitude you can check out here.

Rewrite Your Story

The stories we tell ourselves can impact how we live our lives and what we think we’re capable of.

We can tell ourselves good stories “I make friends easily” that comfort us and make us feel confident or we can tell ourselves negative stories like “no one likes me and I’ll never be able to make friends”.

Sometimes we’ve been telling ourselves these stories for so long we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Start paying attention to the positive and negative stories you have been telling yourself.

The good thing about these stories is that they aren’t absolute truth and we can change them whenever we want.

One of the big stories I had to change was that I had no idea how to run a business and couldn’t work for myself.

I started replacing it with thoughts like “I am a hard worker and quick learner” and “all entrepreneurs started where I am now”.

Changing my story helped me start to believe that I could do it and I began taking bigger and bigger actions towards growing this site and becoming a blogger.


I hope this gives you some ideas to help you change your mindset and start living and feeling the way that you want.

Working on my mindset has had a huge impact on how I feel every day and it gave me the courage to start making big changes in my life.

If you’re feeling stuck just focus on your mindset for now and the other actions will come later on.

Once you work on your mindset you’ll find you’re a lot less scared to take action and before you know it you’ll be putting in your two-week notice or moving away or doing whatever the hell it is you’ve always wanted to be doing with your time.

If you’re interested in more mental health information I have a ton of posts about mental health and self-care and I would love it if you check them out. <3

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