I am obsessed with TED talks and all things personal development. As someone that manages both depression and anxiety I’ll take any tips on feeling happier that I can get.

These are my favorite TED talks about happiness.

I thought a lot of the research discussed was really interesting because it shows a lot of what we think about happiness is counter-intuitive.

Sometimes the things we do naturally are not what will make us happier in the long run.

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This is a really interesting talk about research done related to our brain and happiness.
He discusses our ability to create happiness and how we can change our worldviews to feel happier.
As humans our brain has the ability to produce synthetic happiness and Dan Gilbert argues that synthetic happiness is just as good as naturally created happiness.

In this TED talk Matt Killingsworth discusses the differences between what we think will make us happy and what the real causes of happiness are.
He presents some data he collected related to happiness and staying in the present moment.

Emily Smith discusses the difference between being happy and living a meaningful life.
While our culture promotes chasing happiness but looks over the steps we need to find meaning and fulfillment.

Robert Waldinger discusses results of a happiness study that was conducted over 74 years. His data shows that people who have family and community connections live a happier life.
He argues that the quality of close relationships has a strong positive effect on happiness.

Michael Norton discusses data showing how you can use the money to make you happier.
He conducted research on spending money on yourself vs spending money on yourself and how it makes you feel.

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