Sometimes I feel like I’m too sensitive for this world. Last night, I read a news article and I felt really down after. I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling of heaviness out of my body.

The world seemed so dark and I felt like I was surrounded by cruelty.

I decided I wanted to change my mindset so I went for a walk with my dog with the intention of changing my perspective. When I feel like everything sucks or is really unfair I like to ask myself “how can I see this differently”?

Instead of focusing on the darkness in the world I decided to focus on the beauty. As I walked the dog down the street I thought to myself “Miracles. Miracles. Miracles. There are Miracles Every day. Miracles. Miracles. Everywhere” over and over in my mind.

There are terrible things that happen all the time. I’ve lived through a couple and I bet you have too. Our culture loves to show us tragedy after tragedy but the truth is for every tragedy there’s a miracle.

  • People fall in love.
  • People survive.
  • Families receive a blessing they need.
  • Everyday. All the time.
  • I refuse to live in a reality of ugly darkness. I choose to stand in the light and I choose to see the miracles.
  • I hope this inspires you to look for the miracles in life.

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bad day mindset shift

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