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A Pep-Talk for When You Make Mistakes

I have to confess something to you guys. Yesterday, I made a mistake. 

I don’t really want to share this story but I feel like some of you will resonate with this. We’re all on a personal development journey and on that journey there are ups and downs. 


Yesterday, I turned to one of my unhealthy coping mechanisms and did some serious emotional eating. 

If this had been a year ago this would have ended up being a major setback for me. Last night I had a lot of old stories and troll thoughts come up.

“You can’t stick to anything”

“You mess everything up”

I used to let these kinds of stories run wild in my mind. It would cause one small mistake to end up spiraling and before I knew it a bag of cookies resulted in turning to even more unhealthy coping mechanisms.

This time I was able to identify them for what they were. Stupid unproductive stories. 

I chose to tell myself a new narrative. 

I use my mistakes for good. Mistakes help me learn and show me what I need to work on. I am able and willing to forgive myself for mistakes. 

Giving myself grace for making mistakes has really helped me on this journey I’m on. It helps to remember that the thoughts that pop up in my head are not facts and I can choose a new empowering story. 

I hope you have a great evening,

how to move forward after you make a mistake

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