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Self-Care Weekend Guide


Happy Friday! I’ve been thinking about how I can have a really good weekend this weekend.

I have wasted many weekends guilting myself over what I thought I should be doing. It resulted in watching Netflix but not enjoying it, going to events I didn’t want to attend and just generally having a pretty mediocre time.

This weekend I am deciding to be DONE with all of that.

I want to challenge you to decide what kind of weekend you want and GO ALL IN. We’re not messing around.

If you need to recharge take a big fat nap in the afternoon. If you feel called to create pull a story out from the depths of your heart and soul. If you are craving connection make all the plans. Attend all the events. Do all the things.

This is about letting go of the judgment of what your weekend should be and really asking yourself:

What would feel good?

What does my soul need more/less of?

What parts of myself feel neglected?

How can I make myself feel deeply cared for?

Sometimes I like to really focus all of my energy on one feeling or theme. Here are some ideas for themes for your weekend.

The Relaxing Weekend.

I’m talking a good old fashioned Netflix binge-watch session. The key to this is that you have to really commit to it and go all in. You can’t let those nasty little troll thoughts creep in and make you start feeling guilty. It is safe for you to slow down. You deserve to rest. Snuggle into the pillows and really enjoy the luxury of letting yourself off the hook and having so many TV shows streaming at your fingertips.

The Disconnected Weekend

On Sundays, I’ve been challenging myself to turn my phone off and put it in the drawer in my kitchen. Take this weekend as a chance to reconnect with yourself. Write in your journal. Read books. Ignore the world. Delete your social media apps, put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy the blissful feeling of the present moment.

The Productive Weekend

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is knocking out all of the little things you’ve been putting off all week. Use this weekend as an opportunity to deeply care for your future self by taking care of business. Deep clean your house. Pay your bills. Go grocery shopping. Meal prep for the whole week. Pull a Marie Kondo and declutter your entire house.

The Project Weekend

Sometimes the best way to spend your weekend is by working on a big project. Some of the best weekends I’ve had were spent re-landscaping my yard or painting my house. That sounds lame now that I’m typing it out but sometimes making progress on a big project feels really freaking good.

The Fun Weekend

While it can feel great to do some hardcore adulting sometimes it can feel just as great to put things off for later and commit to having the best weekend ever! The truth is if you really don’t want to cook or clean this weekend the world will not end. Instead of grocery shopping go to brunch. Stay out too late Friday night. Spend the morning in bed with a book. Your only mission this week is to have as much FUN as possible and don’t judge yourself for what your version of fun looks like.

The key here is to give yourself permission to let your weekend look however it needs to for you. I often judge myself for how I choose to spend my time and tell myself I should be doing something else. I’ll scroll Instagram and see a friends gym selfie and that’s all it takes for the troll thoughts to start creeping in. Let’s decide right now that we’re not going to let any of our troll thoughts hang around this weekend and fully commit to doing whatever it is that we need to do for ourselves this weekend.

I’d love to see what you end up doing this weekend. Come share over in the Facebook group, you never know who you will inspire!

Have a great guilt-free weekend,



If you’re feeling uninspired about your weekend plans check out my podcast episode about creating more magic in the everyday.


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how to have to best weekend ever

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