How to Earn a BSN Fast as an RN

If you’re already working as an RN, you know how stressful it can be to balance work and home, with little time in between for anything else. Unfortunately, an RN’s busy life can have disastrous consequences for people who want to obtain higher education and achieve their BSN. Fortunately, many programs can help you obtain your BSN fast, so you don’t have to worry about losing your license (in some states) and can increase your salary. A fast RN to BSN online program is the perfect way to balance work, family, and educational goals. Below are some of the many benefits of using an online program to obtain your BSN.

Keep Your License

If you’ve been working as an RN for quite some time, you might not be aware that some states now require RNs to obtain their BSN degrees to keep their licenses. In 2017, Governor Cuomo of New York signed the “BSN in Ten” law into effect, requiring nurses to obtain their BSN degree within 10 years of their RN licensure.

Ten years is not enough time for busy RNs that need to feed their families, balance work, and balance school all at once. However, not obtaining your BSN can lead to losing your RN license. Don’t lose everything you’ve worked for, and instead, take an online program that can help you earn your BSN in as little as ten months! While fast-paced programs are more grueling and intense than others, they are worth the sacrifice, so you can keep your license and continue to work in the profession you love.

Obtain an Affordable BSN

Like all four-year degrees, a BSN degree isn’t cheap. Most BSN degrees will cost anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000. It’s important to use all possible financial help, especially scholarships, GI bills from veterans and their survivors, and financial aid. However, a BSN might be incredibly expensive to obtain, even with financial support. If you need help paying for a BSN and already have an RN license, you might be able to save money using a fast RN to BSN online program.

You can obtain your BSN for as little as $9,000, far less than a traditional four-year degree. Online programs don’t compromise on quality, providing powerful insights and patient care information to benefit you and your patients. Don’t stress over the financial commitment of a BSN; instead, obtain an affordable BSN online.

Enjoy Flexibility

Online programs offer a vast amount of flexibility for working parents who are also college students. As an RN, chances are you’ll have a packed schedule where you work between 40 hours a week and 60 hours a week or more. If you need a program that can help you balance work, family, and education, online programs are a great tool to help you obtain your degree fast and with as little stress as possible.

Online degrees can also help you improve your salary prospects and career opportunities in the long run. RNs with BSNs make an average of $80,000, whereas RNs with only an ADN earn around $75,000 yearly. While both of these are great salary prospects, a BSN might make the difference between saving up for a new home or putting away a college savings fund for your children.

Find the Best RN to BSN Program To Improve your Healthcare Career

Improve your healthcare career and become a highly sought-after nurse with the help of an RN to BSN program. Earning your BSN can help you learn more about patient treatment, improve your bedside manners, and help you learn new skills to help you become the best nurse you can me. Earning more money and having better job prospects also don’t hurt.

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