Random acts of kindess to cheer yourself up

If you’re having a total crap day try some of these random acts of kindness. Sometimes bringing joy to someone else is the fastest way to make yourself feel better. I love the idea of people committing random acts of kindness to make the world a better place.

Buy a Coffee

Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through or get an extra one to give away to the security guard or your coworker.

Give Your Change Away

If there’s a tip or donation jar on the counter drop your change in.

Walk Someone Where They’re Going

When I worked in a large building I would walk people where they needed to go instead of giving them directions. If you’re giving someone confusing directions offer to show them where it is instead.

Give a Compliment

Tell someone you like their outfit or their hair. Compliments are free to give and make other people feel great.

Send a Text

Text a friend or coworker and tell them something you appreciate about them. This is an easy way to brighten someone’s day and recognize the efforts of others.

Donate Old Stuff

When I worked at Habitat for Humanity we funded a significant portion of the organization by selling donated items at our thrift store. Find a local charity thrift store and give them all the stuff you aren’t using. This is a great way to support local nonprofits if you don’t have extra cash to give them.

Buy Extra

The next time your buying personal care items (toothpaste, tampons etc) buy extra to donate to your local homeless or women’s shelter. You can also check with these organizations before you go shopping and find out what items are most needed. Whenever I see tampons on sale I always pick up a bunch because our local women’s shelter always needs them.

Bake Treats

Bake some treats to bring into the office or to give to a teacher or someone that works in your building. Homemade treats make a great act of kindness to give to someone.

Make Conversation

Make conversation with someone who just started working in your office or is sitting by themselves at a party. A lot of people won’t go out of the way to chat with someone and it is a simple act that can make someone feel included.

Let Someone in Front of You

If someone behind you only has a could items let them go in front of you in line. This is personally one of my favorite gestures.

Put Quarters In The Meter

If you see someones parking meter is out, drop a quarter in it. This is the quickest way to build excellent karma points and your quarter could save someone a ticket.

Leave Quarters at the Laundromat

Speaking of quarters, if you have some leftover after you do your laundry leave them behind for the next person. This is a nice way to pay it forward.

Start a Little Free Library

Tell The Manager

If you have an excellent customer service experience take a few minutes to tell the manager. This is also good practice in your workplace. If you see someone doing an excellent job take a minute to let their supervisor know.

Leave a Large Tip

My favorite birthday tradition is to go out to eat and leave a big fat tip. Anyone that has ever worked in the service industry knows that it’s a hard job that can often be underpaid. If you can afford it leave extra regularly.

Send an Email

Send an old friend a thoughtful email to ask how they’re doing or tell someone what you appreciate about them. This is a nice way to put something personal in someone’s inbox.

Compliment a Parent

If you see a child acting out or giving their parent a hard time give the parent a compliment. “You’re a very patient Mom” can mean a lot to someone. Caring for a child is hard work and parents often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Learn Names

Learn the names of the cleaning staff and security guard where you work. If you eat somewhere regularly ask the staff their names. Know who your barista is.

Send Cards to Hospitalized Kids

Use Amazon Smiles when you shop

Go to this page before you shop on amazon and you can choose a charity for Amazon to donate to.

Tag a Friend
Write what you admire about someone in a Facebook post and tag them in it. This is a free and simple way to publicly recognize someone who is totally kicking ass.

Go leave some positive internet comments. There are too many trolls on the internet and not enough love. If you want to start right now leave me some love on this post.

Veto Gossip
If everyone around you is gossiping about someone that isn’t present say something nice about that person instead of joining in. This is an easy way to stop office gossip.

Don’t interrupt when someone else is talking. Practice really listening to what someone is saying. Listening is a dying art so spend some time practicing it and make someone feel heard.

Drive Kind
Let someone in your lane! When I used to commute a kind driver would make my whole morning better.

Forgive someone

Forgive someone for something that you’ve been holding onto. Bonus points if you don’t bring it up again.

Give away your stuff for free on Craigslist. You get rid of the junk in your extra closet and someone in your community gets cool new stuff. Win win!

Keep In Touch
Call your grandparents, family member or friend that has moved away. Staying in touch with someone is an extraordinary gesture.

Send Birthday or Holiday Cards

Ask your friends for their birthdays and addresses and set reminders on your phone. Getting cards in the mail is awesome and less and fewer people send them these days.

Rescue a Dog

OK, so this might not be a small or simple act of kindness. Getting an animal is a big commitment and you should make sure you can take excellent care of your pet. If you’re ready and able though go get a pup from the local shelter. My rescue dog is one of the best things in my life.

Pick Up Litter

Become a garbage angel and when you see trash on the ground pick it up. We only have one earth to live on and taking care of it is totally worth the effort.

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