The best day of the year is coming, Glanetines Day! First of all, In honor of Galentine’s Day, I thought I would do a roundup of the best Leslie Knope quotes. Leslie is one of my favorite characters on TV. I love her optimism and commitment to her community and female friendship.

“One person’s annoying is another’s inspiring and heroic.”

“I’m going to be direct and honest with you. I would like a glass of red wine and I’ll take the cheapest one you have because I can’t tell the difference.”

“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”

“Organizing my agenda. Wait, that doesn’t sound fun … jammin’ on my planner!”

“I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things.”

“I need another second please. I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is right now.”

“If I seem too passionate, it’s because I care. If I come off too strong, it’s because I feel strongly. And if I push too hard, it’s because things aren’t moving fast enough.”

“I am a Goddess, a glorious female warrior”

“There is nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives”

“You go big or you go home.”

“If you want to bake a pie. That’s great. If you want to have a career. That’s great too”

“Maybe it’s time for more women to be in charge”


Now onto the gift guide! Here are some self-care Galentines Day gifts you can get for yourself or for your friends. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some new self-care items. I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas for celebrating Galentine’s Day.

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