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Having a gratitude practice has made managing my mental health a lot easier.

When my depression and anxiety are bad I’m constantly plagued with “what if” thoughts that always involve the worst case scenario.

If I let myself, I can lay in bed for hours every night worrying about things that will probably never happen.

My gratitude practice has helped me learn to redirect my thoughts from negative to positive.

Instead of dreading the future I focus my thoughts on what I am thankful for in my life. This has been especially helpful at night when my depression makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Practicing gratitude takes a lot of practice and I still sometimes find myself going down a rabbit hole of worry and negativity.

However, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall well being and it’s starting to become natural for my mind to focus on gratitude.

I love guided meditation because it’s easier for me to listen to something than sit in total silence.

Here are some of my favorite gratitude meditations, I hope you find them helpful.


These are my favorite free gratitude meditations but there are tons more available on YouTube.

I usually do one in the morning when I wake up and one in the evening before I fall asleep.

Listening to them twice a day has really helped me stay in a better mood.

If you’re looking for more stuff to listen to check out my post with all my favorite personal development podcasts.

I find that the more positive stuff I listen to and read throughout the day the easier my mental health is to manage.

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best gratitude meditations

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