Tips for a Great Sex Life After Kids

Couples with kids usually find it challenging to maintain a healthy sex life because of their responsibilities and the fact that they have to divide their attention between their kids and spouses. This is especially the case for new parents who are still trying to adjust to their new status and duties.

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If you’re one of those parents trying to raise a family and still enjoy the pleasures of intimacy and connection with your partner, this article will show you how to make it work. With some effort, creativity, and flexibility, you’ll be able to reignite the fire in your relationship and keep it burning non-stop.

Prioritize Communication With Your Partner

Communication is important for every couple, but it’s more critical when two people in a relationship are adjusting to a big life change like being parents. After feeding your baby round the clock, trying to rock them to sleep, or trying to figure out what’s making them fussy or happy, you’ll end up exhausted and in dire need of rest. Your kids may be a little older, but you may still feel physically or emotionally down sometimes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have an open discussion about how you feel with your partner.

If you have expectations for how or when you would like to have sex, or if you’re worried about your post-birth body image, feel free to talk about it. Such honest communication might be what you both need to be comfortable navigating through your challenges together. You’d be surprised at how much closer you will feel to each other.

Try Sex in Different Ways

You and your partner can experiment with different kinds of intimacy, such as oral sex or the use of sex toys like a rabbit vibrator. You can even masturbate together or alone to explore your own body and turn-ons after having a baby. Also, consider trying different sex positions from what you are used to. Changing angles during sex gives you and your partner a different view of each other’s bodies and a unique sensual experience.

So, feel free to explore and enjoy the pleasures of intimacy. Face each other for a while, try rear entry, move to a different part of the room, or even have sex in the bathroom. Through this, you and your partner can discover what turns you on the most.

Develop Rituals That Promote Physical Connection

Try to add elements of physical touch, attraction, and emotional closeness to each other throughout the day. Make physical contact, even if it’s just five seconds of butt-grabbing when your partner walks past you. Take a few seconds to establish eye contact, flirt, whisper softly, hug tightly, or kiss each other. Doing this will help you stay connected emotionally. And when the time comes for you to get intimate, you won’t feel like strangers.

Make the Most of Little Opportunities

Intense orgasms are perfect for helping you relieve your stress and tension. A fun way to have sex when kids are at home is to sneak into the bedroom or an unexpected space in your home when the kids are having a nap. Such Quickies can be a fun way to boost your love life and strengthen your relationship.

Beyond sex, you and your partner should generally maximize every opportunity you have to spend time alone together. It may not be realistic to hire a babysitter every Saturday night. But you can watch movies in each other’s arms when the kids go to bed.

Surprise Your Partner

Just like having regular dates, romantic surprises can have a positive impact on relationships and intimacy. You can slip love notes into your partner’s car or pocket or call them in the middle of the day just to say ”I love you.” You can send a text message stating the different reasons why you love them. Little acts like these can help you to have a more affectionate relationship.

Don’t Compare

Avoid comparing your relationship or partner with others. Every relationship is unique and has the tendency to change over time. This is perfectly normal. All you both need is a commitment to making your relationship and intimacy work.

Create Time for Yourself

Even though this article is centered on helping your relationship blossom, it’s still important to mention that the relationship you have with yourself is equally important. When you spend time doing the things you like, you’ll be happier and feel more confident. Intimacy comes naturally, when you feel good about yourself.

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